1. Which toy is right for me?

Start simple. Of course, it’s important to have an orgasm, so it’s worth trying a small external vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. Then you can go for a vibrator-dildo hybrid or a vibrator that “reaches” the G-spot. Traditional dildos tend to not vibrate and are more suitable for advanced users.


2. How to choose the features?

At the beginning of the journey, you do not need a vibrator with thirty modes at all. Mains powered models are more powerful than battery powered ones. If you do not live alone, choose a low noise vibrator. If you want to take your toy into the bathroom, make sure it’s waterproof.

3. Does size matter?

Most toys intended for internal use are medium sized, so it’s not a good idea to start with a huge dildo.

4. How much does a good toy cost?

Experts recommend not buying an expensive vibrator if you have never encountered one. It is better to buy 2-3 inexpensive options, understand what you like, and only then pay extra for new features.


5. What kind of lubricant to take?

Lubrication is the most important thing when using toys. Silicone lasts the longest and does not wash off with water, but does not work with silicone, jelly, rubber and PVC toys. The water-based lubricant is suitable for everyone and washes off easily.

6. How to care for toys?

They quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria without proper care, so it is important to clean them after each use. If the vibrator cannot be wetted, it must be wiped with a special agent applied to a napkin, and make sure that drops do not get under the buttons or into the battery compartment. If you can wash, the best choice is water and an antibacterial soap or detergent.

7. And how to store?

Best of all – in a cool dark place so that they do not fade in the sun. You can not dump them in one pile, because some materials can chemically interact when in contact.