Wake up his fantasy…

while he’s at work!

Send him a photo of your legs in sexy shoes, then rise to the elastic of your stockings and slow down at the most interesting place, let him count the seconds until your date. Toward evening, send him a picture of beautiful linen laid out on the bed, and sign it: “I will be without this tonight.” The main thing is not to confuse the addressee.

Do not forget to reinforce his interest with exciting messages: “Darling, you know, I have already opened the wine!”

Write your fantasies on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl, pull them out one by one. By the way, each of you has one veto.

Date Ideas


Choose a bar that has billiards, darts or bowling. The winner is entitled to a prize in the form of a massage (for you) or a striptease (for him). In any case, whoever loses, he fulfills any desires of the other.

remember the past

Recreate in detail your first meeting! Wear similar outfits, go to the same cafe, listen to the music that was playing that evening. And smell the perfume you used back then! Memories are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.


Movie show for two

It’s time for a romantic comedy! Every time the characters on the screen fall into each other’s arms, name the part of the body where you want to receive a kiss from your beloved, and do not forget to ask the man about his desires. After watching, have sex on the couch: lean on the armrests, and let him come in
at you from behind. This angle will give him the best possible access to the G-spot, and you will be able to control the pace. For deeper penetration, lower your legs to the floor and place them between his thighs.

Cook dinner together: teamwork brings people together. While the dishes are in the oven, arrange a little foreplay right on the table.

Unexpected turn

Passionate about the bedroom? Stop in the hallway and pull him towards you by the shirt. Put your leg around his waist as he enters you. Now you are so close that he will stimulate your clitoris with his body.

Water procedures

Play “Which would you prefer?” Offer hot sex in the shower or an hour of romance in a bubble bath
and nice music. We assure you, he will choose the second (after the first, of course!). You can also play Truth or Dare. If any of you don’t want to honestly answer a question… well, you know what to do. When you get into the tub, turn the water down half way and ask the man to lie on his back. Sit on it in a reverse cowgirl position and put your hands on the bottom or sides. He will surely remember this evening!


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