It is pointless to talk about infertility tendencies when there are a huge number of external factors that affect people’s health. These are stresses, and bad ecology, and hormones in food, and the wrong way of life. But scientists believe that the resources of the body are able to cope with these problems, we are talking about how to conceive a child.


What you need to conceive a child naturally

According to scientists, every woman can conceive and give birth to a child after 20 years, after 30 and even after 40. But if pregnancy is planned, then, accordingly, you need to prepare for it in advance. Lifestyle changes help women conceive. Out of 100 such cases, 93 pregnancies lead to the birth of a long-awaited baby. And even those who are intimidated by doctors and diagnoses always have a chance to get pregnant and have a baby. What will be required for this?

More rest and laughter

How to conceive a child? First, prepare your body for this. More rest and laughter. As ironic as it may sound. But the body of a woman who wants to become a mother needs attention. She needs positive emotions and more positive communication. Hard work should be excluded, general physical activity should be reduced.


physical exercise

Reducing physical activity does not mean a complete rejection of any sports. Optimal physical activity, yoga classes or banal physical exercises in the morning increase the likelihood of conception.

Balanced healthy diet

How to conceive a child naturally? First, give up all bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol are excluded. The diet is being reviewed. A balanced healthy diet and drinking balance is an important factor in conception. A woman’s body should not lack vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. So what should be the food?

1.Less junk food. You will have to limit yourself to spicy, fatty, high-calorie, sweet, fried. In the diet for a long time to be as little as possible spicy, smoked, pickled foods.


2.Save vitamins in foods. Does the way food is prepared affect conception? Undoubtedly. During this period, it is advisable to bake or steam the products. Then they retain all the nutritional value.


3. Eat the right food. The new diet should be followed not only by the woman, but also by her partner when it comes to conceiving a child. The menu should always include fresh vegetables and fruits, juices, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt. And semi-finished products will have to be abandoned.

4. Eat meat and fish. The meat should not be fatty, preferably red. You will have to diversify your menu, including fish and seafood in it – they are very useful for the body of the expectant mother. The right approach to the diet increases the likelihood of conception.


5. Drink properly. Each person has their own needs for drinking water, but the body needs about 2.5 liters daily. If you are making a new diet, thinking about when is the best time to conceive a child, do not forget about water. Start the morning with warm water with lemon, and only then move on to your favorite drinks – tea, cocoa, coffee, milk, smoothies. Soups are also considered liquid. Try to gradually replace coffee with green tea and chicory.

Get tested for conception

Throughout her life, a woman takes various medications. How do they affect her health? How often does she take vitamins? Does she have chronic illnesses? Are asymptomatic diseases present? When it is possible and necessary to conceive a child, your doctor will tell you, having previously directed you to pass all the necessary tests. What are the most commonly required?


1. Blood for hormones. This analysis will also check the condition of the thyroid gland.

2. Advanced comprehensive analysis for red blood cells and vitamins.

3. Determination of the steroid profile in saliva. It determines sex hormones and stress hormones.

4. Genetic test. DNA analysis can help identify rare genetic diseases.

Many couples, after having fulfilled all the above recommendations, regretfully state that they are unable to conceive a child. Scientists believe that in such cases, another important factor is missed – the position during sex also matters. Certain positions and auspicious days increase the chance of pregnancy.

What position to choose to conceive a child?

Strange as it may seem, there are no studies on this topic. In what position to conceive is not mentioned in any scientific encyclopedia dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology. But there is evidence that certain positions are more likely to succeed. For example, in the good old missionary.



Many sperm swim well, but in order for them to reach the cervix, it would be nice to help them defeat gravity, experts say. Is it possible to conceive a child after having sex in this position? The probability is high, so be sure to try.

How to conceive: and put a pillow?

If you and your partner are thinking about the best position to conceive a baby, then remember the existing myths. For example, the need to have a small pillow on hand, which, after ejaculation, should be placed under the buttocks of a woman. A pillow under the buttocks is a sign of care, and not at all a “key to fertility”, it does not increase the chances of conceiving in any way.

Is the day you have sex important for conception?

Undoubtedly. For most couples, this is 2-3 days before ovulation, when the chances of pregnancy are highest, and the day of ovulation itself. It is worth considering that spermatozoa can live up to 5 days! How to conceive a child 100 percent? Calculate the days when you ovulate. And use them as intended.


Such days are called favorable for conception. Experts say that sexual contacts during such periods do not even require special positions, everything should work out by itself.

To the toilet immediately after sex – will it interfere with conception?

Can I go to the toilet immediately after sexual intercourse? Does it affect conception? Experts answer like this: It is necessary! This does not affect conception in any way, but it is useful for maintaining a healthy flora and protecting against infections. 65% of the spermatozoa get where they need to go immediately after ejaculation, while the rest remain in the vagina and leave it anyway in the coming hours.

Do I need to take a certain position after an orgasm in order to get pregnant?

The likelihood of conception in any particular position that a woman takes immediately after orgasm – this factor is considered almost a legend. But in reality, it’s not like that at all. Sperms don’t care. They will reach the goal, regardless of whether you throw your legs on the wall, lie flat or dance the tango.


Should he “save” sperm for conception?

Unlike wine, it doesn’t get better with time. The probability of conception does not depend on the number of sexual contacts during the day. Sexologists recommend having sex more often. Many couples believe that they need to wait for favorable days, but in fact, renewal is much more useful. In addition, if you are not one hundred percent sure when you will ovulate, you can miss the right period due to savings.