After making love, the body produces oxytocin and endorphins. They help the body to relax and even lull a little. So it’s pointless to be offended by his “snoring right after sex” – this is male physiology. At the same time, hormones of happiness bring a woman a playful mood with the requirement to “continue the banquet.” But it’s real to promote a guy for the next run, the main thing is that he be ready for this physically and mentally. If this is not the case, you will have to make an effort.

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Why is it difficult to excite him a second time

Of course, wise nature acted not very fairly. She’s made it so that most men don’t have to wait for the second act right after the first, and he needs a longer intermission than you.


“As long as a woman is wet and aroused, she is physically capable of having sex as many times as she wants without interruption,” says Drogo K. Montagu, MD, MD.

Men are less fortunate. No matter how passionate the partner is, it will not be easy to excite him a second time. Even if he is mentally on the rise, physically he will need time to recharge.

“On average, a guy in his 20s and 30s needs between 5 and 30 minutes to get an erection after his first orgasm,” continues Dr. Montagu (and the older a man gets, the more time he needs to recover). This is because after ejaculation, the blood that caused the erection has time to drain from the penis. And it takes time for him to erect again and have sex twice a night.



How to act to excite a guy a second time

Give your partner time to recover, but try to keep him focused on sex. For example, tell him how good it is for you with him – this kind of compliment will not only shed a balm on the soul, but also keep his sexual mood.

Knowing how to excite a man for the second time, you should learn well what not to do. First of all, talk about it in the past tense. No “it was great, of course, but I still want to, we’re wasting time!”, “you WAS amazing.” For him, these phrases serve as a signal that everything is over. Say instead, “You know how to please me!” – and subconsciously you will help the man proceed to the second round.


While he is resting, try not to let him have a chance to take a nap – or, even worse, turn on the TV and finally get distracted from the main thing! Otherwise, the second time that night will end in your disappointment, because it never comes. Note that watching TV is possible if it is a porn movie. Of course, when you know that sometimes he is not averse to watching adult films. In this case, the corresponding visual range can play into your hands.

Just leave his cock alone. After a guy cums, his penis is super sensitive. Even a gentle touch immediately or shortly after the climax will cause discomfort.

A more effective way to get a guy aroused a second time, as if nothing had happened, is to use more innocent and yet exciting touches. For example, you can curl up next to him so that your ass easily touches his groin. And if he lies on his stomach, get on all fours above him and gently drive your nipples along his back. Then start stroking his chest, back and shoulders.


The main thing is to hint and flirt, but do not demand. Demonstrating your desire is important to him, because he is charged with it in return. If he decides that you are demanding that he have sex again in an ultimatum form, he will be so tense that this will not happen. Psychological pressure and banter have not yet brought pleasure to anyone, and in these cases it will not work all the more.


Some time later, your man will most likely be ready for more frank caresses. You can start by kissing the testicles, then move on to his “love wand”. At this moment, handle the head carefully, touch it or lick it slowly – after an orgasm, it retains hypersensitivity longer than other zones.

Normally, a man in his early 20s and 30s should have no problem having sex a second time in a night. But remember that the strength of an erection can be different. And if his penis is not hard as a rock, this does not mean that the man does not want you.


Better enjoy all the phases, although not as strong, but a long erection. and Feel free to pause to switch from penetration to caress. You can stop for a deep passionate kiss until his penis hardens. Or, to mutual pleasure, conjure a little with your hands.

Second time benefits

The second time is an opportunity to have an orgasm if you haven’t had time yet, or to get one more (two, three?) if you are insatiable. Few people will refuse the next dose of enchanting pleasure.

The second round does not have to be a repetition of the first. Since it usually lasts longer, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your secret dreams and act out your favorite sexual scenarios. This is what sex is good for twice a night – in the ability to satisfy any mutual desires. You can do whatever normally turns you on insanely without fear that it will end too soon.


In addition, if the first time he took most of the work on himself, it would be fair if now you are actively involved. The slogan of this contact should know “not a drop of laziness!”. It’s like a long car ride. He takes you there, and on the way back you get behind the wheel. Without too much thought and let him lean back in the passenger seat, because this time you know how to excite him and at a leisurely pace to experience a second orgasm.

The beauty of a sequel is that you can not only change the position or the way you please each other, but also change the atmosphere. For example, turn on the music, light candles, go to another room (bathroom, kitchen, hallway to a large mirror). and It will help you get started so that you may decide to go for the third round.