1. They should suit both

“My first relationship grew out of friendship plus sex. He was enough for me, he wanted variety. We didn’t really talk about it, but somehow we came to the conclusion that we are together, but not the only ones with each other. I realized that for the sake of wanting to be with him, I was ready to forgive intrigues.


But one incident knocked me out of the rut. I picked him up drunk from a bar and took him to his house. And in the parking lot was her car, and she was waiting for him in bed. I sobbed, literally threw him out of the car and drove away. He liked being with different women, but he got very angry when he found out that I would date other men.

Our relationship developed in different ways, and I realized that it would be difficult to put everything together. We parted. I decided for the future that if a man needs an open relationship, let him do as he wants, and I will decide for myself, ”- Margarita, 24 years old.

2. There must be agreements

“After talking to friends who had a happy, open relationship, my husband and I decided to discuss the terms of our contract. It was difficult. For various reasons, the husband did not want to agree to literally everything! Don’t spend money on it, don’t spend the night there, protect yourself, warn me… Okay, my peace of mind, but health matters too!


I suffered for a long time – and in the end we divorced. Now I love a wonderful person. I am not at all against open relationships, just let them have respect, trust … and boundaries, ”- Maria, 36 years old.

3. It’s not for us

“We have been together for 10 years. After five years, we both realized that the relationship was suffering and started looking for ways to freshen it up. At some point, they decided to try a threesome, and he said that he always wanted to. A couple of experiments showed that we were not interested in group exercises, and we decided to live in an open marriage.

The next six months were terrible. It was difficult for him to find a woman who would agree to sleep with a married man, and I handed out advances left and right. He was jealous. At one time I met with a manipulator who tried to turn me against my husband.

It sobered me up, and I decided that such a relationship was not for me. Husband was happy! We returned everything to its original state and became much happier than before. They even got a child,” Nina, 30 years old.

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