Wife Alexandra Tsekalo Darina Erwin once again excited Internet users by posting a very spicy picture on the Web. In the photo, the model is depicted near the easel with a brush in her hands. At the same time, the girl is wearing only an apron and jeans.

“Someone’s art goes as far and as deep as love,” she captioned the snap. Fans once again expressed their admiration for the appetizing forms of Darina. True, only a select few can see Erwin’s publication, for some time now Darina has made her microblog private in order to avoid the close attention of gossips and haters. By the way, the showman’s wife is often compared with Lolita Milyavskaya. After all, Darina is a tall, stately brunette with magnificent forms. Apparently, she is flattered by comparisons with Alexander’s ex-wife, but the singer herself is offended and says that she does not see any similarities between herself and Darina.

It is curious that Tsekalo quite willingly and frankly talks about his feelings for Darina. But he does not want to talk to reporters about a divorce from his ex-wife, Victoria Galushka.
“What we have now is very dear and close to me. I love my wife Darina very much. What was behind is not important, what is important is what is ahead, ”Alexander recently said about his new marriage.