the meaning of kissing in different places

Of course, no one will argue that kissing is an important part of the sexual game. They can express the most different shades of our feelings. And they are just plain nice.

What is the meaning of kissing in different places?

  1. Head. Yes, in the place of a kiss, indeed, the experiences of a person are expressed. So, for example, it is generally accepted that a kiss on the head does not mean passion, but patronage. This is especially true for a kiss on the forehead or crown. If we are talking about a man’s kiss, the meaning, most likely, is care, tenderness. There is usually no sexual connotation here. However, getting such a kiss is still very nice, because it proves that someone is caring for their part.
  2. As for the kiss on the temple, the meaning is not so obvious. There is no doubt that it also means tenderness and care. But usually such a kiss is considered more sexual than on the forehead.

  3. Back. Considering the meanings of kisses on different parts of the body, you can see that kisses not on the head have a more pronounced sexual meaning. This can be said about a kiss on the back, the meaning of which is passion, desire, delight. In general, kisses on the body of the body are always an indecent hint. It is generally accepted that the back along the spine is an erogenous zone. Kisses in this place will cause a reciprocal desire to be with your loved one.
  4. Lips. Oddly enough, but a kiss on the lips means love – that’s all.
  5. On the lips, of course, you can kiss in different ways. For example, if a man bites his lips slightly at the same time as a kiss, this means that he wants to dominate in pair A, a kiss on the corner of the mouth has a different meaning. It means tenderness, the desire to be with your beloved, but also some uncertainty.

  6. Eyes. Psychologists believe that if a man kisses a woman with open eyes, then this means that he wants to control her, it can even be interpreted as distrust or jealousy, especially if he still bites her. If he closed his eyes, he demonstrates trust, tenderness, a desire to be together. Tenderness also means a kiss on the eyes. Such affection shows that there is an interest in your partner.

In general, you should kiss the way you want. Scientists have already proven that kissing heals the body and prolongs life. And knowing their meanings, it will be possible to easily determine what feelings a person has for a partner.

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