She tore off his clothes and was disappointed: it seemed that he did not want her at all. His body did not respond to her passionate touch. For a while she hesitated about whether to stop everything, but decided to continue. And I realized that it was not in vain.

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Now this woman is telling Reddit users that that night was incredible.

“It was worth it because, despite the fact that his cock remained soft all the time, this guy was great,” she writes. — I have never felt so desirable, sexy and surrounded by care and affection. He smiled like he wanted to say, “God, I can’t believe this is happening,” and stroked me all over. Instead of worrying and apologizing for not being fully armed, he brought me to the peak of pleasure several times.

She admits that this was the first time this had happened to her, and she expected to be embarrassed or ashamed that she could not get his erection. But the guy was so affectionate and attentive that she did not have any complexes about this. “The absolute peace and love that this man exuded was amazing and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else,” she says.

In the comments on her post, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or self-doubt thank the author how great it is that she shared such a wonderful experience of sex with a man who did not have an erection. “Tomorrow I’m going in for surgery to have my right testicle removed because of a tumor that the doctor thinks is cancerous,” wrote one patient. – As the doctor says, one of the side effects of the operation can be impotence. After I read this, I felt a little better. Thanks for sharing your story!”

Did the heroine meet again with the guy who gave her the best sex of her life? Yes. “I’m sure that in time he will get back to normal. And if not, then I will not be very upset, she writes. “All the same, in bed he is a sex giant.”