The benefits of anal sex

benefits of anal sex

Almost any couple sooner or later raises the question of anal sex, and the initiators are most often men. We all understand that this is a rather complicated issue, and every woman, before making such a decision, will think about the dangers and benefits of anal sex. Let’s try to dispel the myths.

The benefits of anal sex

First, consider the positive side of the issue, namely, what are the benefits of anal sex. In this issue there will be topics both common for men and women, and separate.

First of all, anal sex is something from the realm of the embodiment of sexual fantasies, and therefore very exciting and memorable. Ordinary sexual intercourse gets boring over time, and this is a breath of fresh air for those couples who would like to change something.

In addition, anal sex represents a new level of trust in relationships. Still, such a woman understands the danger of “awkward movements”, and will not be able to afford this kind of sex with a man whom she does not trust enough. For a man, this is also a high indicator of trust and confidence in a partner.

Another benefit of anal sex for women is the ability to experience erotic pleasure without vaginal penetration, which is very important for schoolgirls, virgins, and women in countries where having a hymen is important for marriage. While engaging in anal sex, a girl may not worry about the actual safety of innocence.

The benefits of anal sex for men lies primarily in the new sensations that such penetration can give. It will give a whole range of new experiences and will allow you to feel the former passion again.

There is an opinion that latent homosexuals usually demand such sex from their partners, however, those who have a strong natural curiosity or disturbing memories of watching a porn movie also have a desire to try this novelty.

Anal Sex Precautions

Anal sex leads to a lot of proctological diseases if it is practiced incorrectly and more often 1-2 times a month. First of all, this includes exacerbations of hemorrhoids, prolapse of the rectum, anal fissures in women and bacterial diseases in men. However, a man can be protected by wearing a condom, but with women's health, everything is much more complicated. Consider the measures that should be taken so that anal sex does not bring harm:

  • anal sex should be rare - ideally only a few times a year, especially if a man has a large sexual organ;
  • anal sex should only take place in a condom, and the condom is immediately thrown away after it (and not used in vaginal sex);
  • the movements of a man should be soft and smooth so as not to damage the fragile intestinal walls;
  • during this period, a woman should not have constipation or diarrhea, otherwise involuntary fecal emission may occur;
  • before sex it is better to make a small enema;
  • women should control the movements and depth themselves, and immediately stop the process at the slightest sign of pain;
  • it is important to use a special anal lubricant, without it the entry will be painful;
  • harm and benefit of anal sex

  • the first anal sex is the second deprivation of virginity, and you need to prepare for it also carefully;
  • the girl must be completely relaxed, otherwise anal sex will initially bring only painful sensations;
  • you should try such sex only when sober in order to avoid injuries.

Anal sex is just a measure of diversity, and if you don't get too carried away with it, then it won't do any harm. The main thing is trust between partners and attention to sensations.