Tantric sex is very different from ordinary sexual intercourse. Here, the important goal is not just a physical fusion, but a spiritual one. This is called the highest point of mutual understanding and enjoyment. It is said that it is tantric sex that allows both partners to achieve orgasm.

The essence of such sex is that after doing it, a “tantra couple” is formed, which is closer to God than each of the partners individually. Energy exchange can occur only if there is a complete concentration of all participants in the process. The most important thing in such sex is to be able to restrain ejaculation and maintain an erection for a long time.

  1. You should be calm, and the atmosphere should be conducive to sex. There should not be a number of children, parents outside the door and constant incoming SMS messages.
  2. You must have time. The process can take four to five hours.
  3. Engage in tantric sex only in a good mood.
  4. Gotta be dressed up.
  5. Your thoughts should be pure and your hugs calm.
  6. There must be eye contact.
  7. You can do a body massage (without touching the erogenous zones) or meditate.
  8. Choose positions in which quick sex is impossible.
  9. In general, you can have intercourse at the end, but tantric sex is more about spirituality, not physics.
  1. Opened lotus.
  2. Aweigh.
  3. Bridge.
  4. Amazon pose.
  1. The technique of tantric sex is quite simple. It is necessary to pay attention to some points so that you can experience the highest pleasure after the end of the process and during it.
  2. Experiment. Choose a position in which you will feel each other as much as possible.
  3. Breathe deeply.
  4. Synchronize. You must breathe together.
  5. Control each other’s arousal. If you feel that you are close to the final, rest for a while and repeat all over again.
  6. Do not seek to undress each other and have physical sex. Feel each other.

“To be frank, these are just games with the human psyche, although they are funny at first, but then they deplete the body quite strongly, like any intervention in it through the psyche, because integrity and harmony are violated, and only one thing develops. By itself, tantra or yoga is something like spiritual bodybuilding, where we treat and develop one thing, and cripple and kill the other.

Sexuality as the fullness of life is simply fornication and sin, because it depletes and undermines the spiritual strength of a person, while asceticism and moderation are the best basis for happiness, including in family life.

For happiness, not fucking is important and mastery of techniques, but simply understanding each other, agreeing with each other in everyday affairs, ordinary mutual support of each other will give a 100 greater effect than all your tantric tricks.

There is agreement in ordinary affairs, there is agreement in joint creativity (and even the upbringing of children is joint creativity), then everything else is applied automatically, and the fullness of life arises on its own, and it does not need to be intensively pumped up with all sorts of techniques. There are no these simple things – no technique will ever help you in anything.

“Sexual energy greatly affects a person and his whole life, I think you need to study it from adolescence and learn how to manage it. If you let it take its course, then the avalanche of problems that a solid part of humanity now has cannot be avoided.