1st of January
like turtles

If you, like the majority, do not want to actively move after New Year’s Eve, it’s time to connect karezza. The term “karezza” (karezza) is translated from Italian as “care”. It includes touching, stroking, caressing, looking, everything. Except for the orgasm. The idea of ​​karezza is that if people have sex in ordinary life “like rabbits”, then within the framework of karezza they do it “like turtles”.

Carezza involves a special awareness in sex, a feeling of being in the moment, like meditation.

January 2
Audio porn

The main disadvantage of classic porn is not only that it gives the viewer the wrong idea of ​​what sex should look like. But also in the fact that any porn is a product ready to eat, like fast food for your libido. You just click on “start” – and … Well, you understand. But “the soul is obliged to work.” Audio porn is a new form of “ethical” porn that women are not forced into. The idea is that men and women record erotic stories designed to excite and inspire feats. Here we talked about how audio porn happens and offered you to listen to a couple of tracks.

January 3



Sex on the kitchen table

Sex on the table can be very hot, as long as it is secure enough and at the right height. Throw soft pillows-dumok on the table, throw a blanket over it (although for this you have to remove the excess from the table) – this will make it much more convenient for you to have sex, and at the same time leave the salt shakers and everything fragile that you have intact.

4 January
Hot and cold games

The temperature difference is a well-known technique in sex, it exacerbates the sensations, opening up new facets of pleasure. You can use sex toys or a standard set: wax and ice. Remember that safety is paramount: paraffin without impurities has the lowest melting point. It will not harm the skin and will not cause an allergic reaction.


5 January
Tantric massage

Tantric massage, whose roots go back to ancient times, is the achievement of calm and relaxation with a partner or alone. Tantric massage includes not only physical practices, but also spiritual and emotional components, it is designed to help clear the mind and achieve a state of acceptance.

Among the benefits of tantric sex are sexual stamina, pain relief, and better sleep.



January 6

foot fetish

Legs and feet are extremely sensitive areas of our body. We get so horribly tired during the day, being in heavy winter shoes, that a foot massage will be a real relief for both him and you.

January 7

A day when you can not even have sex, just talk about it. We know you’ve been waiting for a sign to tell him about one of your fantasies. Think it’s him. If you don’t know where to start, play one of the erotic games.

January 8

Striptease evening

Arrange for your loved one a real holiday in the spirit of “Showgirls” or invite him to dance for you. Pick up underwear, high heels and slow music like You Can Leave Your Hat On. If you don’t know where to start, read our article about striptease.


January 9
Film, film, film!

Erotic, of course. Snuggle up on the couch and turn on a movie that can turn you both on: 50 Shades of Gray or 9.5 Weeks, it’s up to you.

January 10
Let’s make it quick

Even if you’re both fans of long foreplay, quick sex has its charms. If you get really turned on before this, the orgasm will be just explosive.


January 11

Blindfold him and play with his body so that he cannot predict what you will do next. Or ask you to close your eyes. You’ll see, in this case, every touch feels different. It is better to use special masks for these purposes, and not a gown belt.

January 12

It is not necessary to be “in the know” to try light bondage. This could be a new step in your relationship and a new level of trust. Tip: firstly, the one who ties must comply with safety precautions. Secondly, he must know what to do with his “bottom”.



13th of January
New underwear

And it doesn’t matter at all whether or not he notices your new panties, bra, belt or corset, the main thing is that these things please you.

January 14
“Darling, I’m without panties!”

It is this phrase that you can whisper in his ear when you go to a restaurant or visit friends. Believe me, whether it’s true or not, it will turn him on in earnest.

Don’t say it while he’s driving.

January 15


Please yourself. However, if you do not like loneliness, do not hide in another room, in the bathroom or under the covers: show him how you caress yourself so that he learns to better please you.

January 16
Toys for adults

Think adults don’t need toys? But no! Tell me honestly: have you ever dreamed of a threesome? With the help of sex devices, this fantasy is easier to fulfill. Try “double penetration” or if your partner likes strap-on games, don’t deny him the pleasure.

January 17
Role-playing games

This is not only a game of doctor and patient. Go to the same bar and pretend you don’t know each other. “Get to know” again and spend an unforgettable night – maybe this “acquaintance” will help you look at your partner in a new way.

By the way, here is an example of a wonderful three-minute game that will liberate you and slightly diversify your sex routine.

January 18
Oral caresses

Hint to him that you would not refuse to have your partner work with his tongue.



January 19
Erotic massage

Relieves fatigue and resurrects any relationship. By the way, when doing an erotic massage, you can connect any part of the body, including the tongue, nipples or labia.

January 20th
food games

Have your parents ever told you not to play with your food? Yes? Forget! You can play with food in bed (unless it’s a sandwich that will leave crumbs on the sheets). Whipped cream, sugar syrup, champagne… Anything that comes to your mind! Caution – do not put vegetables or fruits into the vagina.


January 21
sexy messages

Write him something that will stick in his memory for a long time. Don’t be banal! Do not write: “Go home and finally have sex with me!” Try, for example, asking him: “Can you guess what color my underwear is?” Or: “I can’t believe I’m texting you while I’m masturbating.”

January 22
Very quiet sex

Imagine that you spent the night in your parents’ apartment, where your mother is watching “Poor Nastya” through the wall, and you hear how the neighbor from the top floor went to take a shower. Make it an adventure. Climb under the covers – quietly, quietly, and have sex so that you can only hear each other’s breathing.

January 23
“Pure Feelings”

Sex in the shower or bath is not the best option for every day (lube is easily washed out), but why not practice it from time to time. If you decide to have sex in the shower, place a mat under your feet to prevent slipping.


January 24
Spank me!

Spanking can really turn on both the spanker and the spanked. The main thing is to make sure you choose a stop word and that you both like it.

The 25th of January
Literary competition

Reading aloud. Of course, you will not read Pushkin’s poems. Open any site of erotic prose and read aloud to him, lightly stroking his stomach. Read with expression, slightly lowering your voice and looking first at the text, then at it.


January 26
strip poker

By the way, maybe not poker. On undressing, you can play “fool”, and even dominoes.

January 27
Obedient girl or good boy

Another variation of BDSM: give him directions. Start with something light and simple, gradually “untwist” to something more.

28 January
Shall we play?

Invite your partner to play “Naked Twister” or “Fantasy Bowl”: you will have a good time and laugh heartily.

January 29
Dirty talk

During sex, bend over his ear and whisper to him the most depraved, most frank thing that comes to your mind.

January 30
Can be touched by hand

Replace sex with penetration with manual caresses: there are so many techniques in the world that will help you get a partner and turn yourself on using only and exclusively hands, that it would be a sin not to try them.

January 31

Take a breather before the new marathon – and forward, with fresh forces!

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