The beach is considered one of the most popular places for sudden sex. Well, or planned, if such a fantasy has long been living in your bright head. And indeed, all the stars converge to make sex truly unforgettable: a luxurious view, a sea breeze, the sun is hot. And you, in love and hot, are very determined. But here you need to remember some rules, non-observance of which can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Firstly, sex in the water carries the risk of earning unpleasant diseases of the genital organs, so if you are bursting with the desire to make love, swinging on the waves, then do not forget about condoms. Choose the thickest ones, because water can easily wash off the protective lubricant, and thin condoms break easily. In addition, despite the common myth that it is more difficult to get pregnant in water, this is not so, conception will occur just as easily as on land.

Secondly, not all poses are suitable for having sex in water: there is a risk of drowning your partner, so you should use special poses in water.

And the last thing: it is better to choose the most secluded places for making love, so that in the midst of passion you will not be interrupted by the sudden indignation of an elderly couple walking around or the screams of children. You will be afraid of them, they will be afraid of you – trouble is inevitable!

Valeria Aginskaya

sexologist, program director of the Secrets Sex Education Center

What to bring?

4 positions for sex in water

sea ​​fantasy

This technique is a gift for a man. Here we need a mattress, on which a man can lie down comfortably, and a woman can reach out with her lips to his dignity, without overturning the mattress itself. In terms of execution, this technique is an ordinary blowjob, but in combination with the marine surroundings, it is completely transformed and filled with new sensations. Oral sex under smooth swaying on the waves your man will never forget.


The man puts his feet shoulder-width apart, the woman leans on the bottom with one foot, and wraps the other around the partner’s body, leaning back. In this position, the man supports the partner by the waist and performs the main movements.


The man puts his feet shoulder-width apart and takes the woman in his arms, grabbing her hips. A woman can put her arm around her partner’s shoulders. The main movements are performed by a woman, since a man needs to balance with the weight of 2 bodies.


In fact, this is the usual doggy style pose, with the only difference being that a woman needs to hold onto a side or a mattress so that her head is above the water. The man supports the partner by the waist and makes the main movements. This pose is good for stimulating the G-spot.


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