Sexual positions

sexual positions

Every area of ​​human life needs improvement, adding something new. This can both give new sensations to the life of the person himself, and strengthen his self-esteem. Such life improvements also apply to sexual positions.

Top sexiest poses “Kama Sutra”

  1. Close contact. The pose involves making love in a sitting position. In this position, the penis deeply stimulates the most sensitive areas of the female vagina. In this case, the partner can caress your clitoris with his hands. For thrill-seekers, sitting on top of the male phallus, you should, having sank completely on it, for a moment not to make friction, and then move, bending your lower back. This ensures close contact. It should be remembered that during movements you need to compress and relax the vaginal muscles.
  2. Lying, partner from below. You lie on your back, pulling up to your chest and crossing your legs, bent at the knees. After the partner has entered you, rest your feet on his chest. He supports you by the hips, making tight movements. Remember to keep your legs crossed. This contributes to the fact that the vagina wraps around the penis, squeezing it in a tight ring. In addition, it will be very convenient for you to squeeze the vaginal muscles, while increasing the pressure of the phallus on your erogenous zones.
  3. Accordion. Perhaps this is one of the most unusual sexual positions. The man lies on his back, pulling his knees to his chest. You spread your legs, then sit on top of him. It is worth paying attention to the moment that the tighter his legs are pressed to his chest, the easier it is for a woman to manage the process. At first, you should not move quickly, after – let the penis enter you as deeply as possible.
  4. Support. A standing woman wraps her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, arching her back and pressing tightly against his pelvis. A man needs to be in good physical shape in order to support his partner throughout the entire coitus and make movements. This position allows you to have sex not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen, in the bathroom. In the latter cases, you should use, for example, a washing machine as a support for your legs.
  5. Two beginnings. This sex position is perfect for those who believe that men and women should be equal in everything, even in sex. It is in this kneeling position that both partners move at the same time. So, you should get on one knee, he should take the same position facing you. Rubbing against the male pubis provides clitoral stimulation. With free hands, you can caress each other’s erogenous zones.
  6. Swing. This is a fairly new sex position that not only stimulates the clitoris, but also stimulates the G-spot. So, grab his buttocks with your hands. At the same time, he supports you under the ass. You should put your hands under each other’s knees and raise your knees to chest level. Then you need to swing towards each other. Blood flow to the genitals will increase the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.
  7. Tower. This sexy position does not require sex in bed at all. So, the partner sits on the edge of a hard surface, for example, a table. Before you let him enter you, take his cock in your hand and start stroking your vagina, clitoris with it. Then the partner puts your legs on their shoulders. You lean on your elbows. The man supports you during the frictional movements of the ankles or calves.
  8. Eight. This is the advanced missionary position. The man lies on top of you. You should have pillows under your buttocks for deep penetration of the penis. This position stimulates the G-spot and his pubis rubs against his clitoris. For new sensations, tell your partner to make both circular and figure eight movements. The probability in this case of achievement of a simultaneous orgasm is great.