Doctors are sure that good sex has two main enemies – health problems and poor relationships with a partner. Maintaining a harmonious union with your life partner, a state of love and unrelenting sexual desire is a constant work and a real art, family psychologists say. And without taking care of your health, each of the partners cannot do here. Today, February 14, on Valentine’s Day, we tell you about bad habits, the enemies of sexual health.

Sexual health is a fragile matter, even if nature has awarded a man or woman with beauty, outstanding forms, an excellent figure, this does not mean at all that he or she is also lucky with other physiological characteristics of the body, libido and other psychological subtleties responsible for a person’s sexuality.

There are many examples when beauties of model appearance are absolutely frigid and cold in bed, and men of athletic build and with the face of Apollo turn out to be owners of very modest manhood or completely clumsy, inattentive lovers. But all this is an objective reality given to a person either from birth or laid down in childhood.

There are many factors that undermine health in general and have a very negative effect on sexual health. Basically, these are the bad habits that doctors urge to give up to prevent not only sexual disorders, but also such dangerous diseases as hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. So, the main enemies of sexual health:

  1. Chronic stress, overwork – the most destructive factors for sexual harmony, as the wives of businessmen and husbands very busy with their careers know the hard way. Today, there are a lot of men in an active, flourishing age (27-45 years old), who have no problems with a varied diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, who have every opportunity to play sports and keep themselves in excellent physical shape, to travel, but at the same time they have complete sexual apathy due to constant stress and overwork at work;
  2. Smokingboth active and passive. It has been proven that inhaling tobacco smoke is more dangerous than moderate alcohol consumption;
  3. Overweight, obesity and related health disorders – metabolic diseases, type 1 diabetes mellitus and others. Weight problems are a common cause of sexual dysfunction, especially in men. Women’s health and sexual desire are affected not so much by overweight or thinness as by a lack of vitamins and protein. In young people, natural hypersexuality and a hormonal surge cover this deficiency, but later, due to malnutrition, desires and opportunities decline sharply.

Most beautiful ladies mistakenly consider such a decline in their sexual life to be natural, or find other explanations for it, often blaming their partner for their problems. And you just need to reconsider your diet, giving up fast food, fatty foods, sweets, add more fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits to your daily menu, and your sex life will improve.

Harmony in bed can also be destroyed due to purely sexual problems that may appear with age or, for example, due to depression, dissatisfaction with something. In women, the most common sexual disorders are secondary (occurring during life) lack of orgasm, vaginismus, dyspareunia (spasms and pain during intercourse), in men – premature ejaculation.

In the vast majority of cases, these types of sexual dysfunction are successfully treated, so it is better not to start them, do not self-medicate, but, without delay, consult a doctor. Refusal of sex is also not a solution to the problem, since a long absence of a normal sexual life can cause the development of various diseases.

Sex affects not only the normal state of health and our mood, a positive psychological attitude, but also the work of many organs and systems – cardiovascular, immune, nervous and others. The main conclusions of doctors and scientists are as follows:

  1. The less sex, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in men. American scientists have found that a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse leads to a higher level of homocysteine ​​in the blood, and this increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Sex at least twice a week improves blood circulation and the condition of blood vessels, which is especially important for men, since in women arousal is less dependent on healthy blood flow.
  2. Regular sex life in adulthood and old age improves brain function, according to research conducted by the Universities of Oxford and Coventry. According to test results, sexually active people have a higher level of verbal (verbal) fluency, orientation in space, and better visual perception of objects.
  3. Sexual intercourse is the best stress reliever. Sex increases levels of endorphins (happy hormones) and the brain-produced hormone oxytocin, which can neutralize the unwanted effects of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  4. Regular, but not too frequent sexual intercourse strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of viral colds and flu. Studies have shown that young people who have sex 1-2 times a week have a high concentration of immunoglobulin A in saliva, which is responsible for the body’s primary defense against viral colds.
  5. Prolonged abstinence can lead to sexual dysfunction, again same here speech in primarily about men. A study conducted in Finland among men aged 55 to 75 showed that those who made love less than once a week developed erectile dysfunction twice as often as their more loving peers. And by the way, the risk of developing prostate cancer is also higher in those men who do not have regular sexual contact.

And yet, the main enemy of harmony in sex, cooling and disappointment in a partner/partner is not illness or stress, but ourselves and our inability, unwillingness to love, respect, appreciate each other, to go forward in some way.

Psychologists believe that the reason for the separation of many couples was not “irresolvable contradictions” at all, but a low culture of relationships and a routine in bed. There is nothing worse for the intimate sphere than boredom, unwillingness to change something and learn something. As well as in the professional field.

This must be realized and acted upon, because good lovers are not born, but become. In the USA, under this motto, a popular series of educational videos on how to improve your sex life is even released, and it is not bought by young couples at all, but by experienced spouses who want to refresh their relationship.