How did it happen that such a wonderful process as mutual sexual pleasure became a testing ground for new products? The search for the culprits will not lead to anything good, but listening to yourself and understanding how it happened and what to do now is very useful.


The first steps to the career of a bed entertainer

If the very word “routine” frightens you, then you probably from time to time began to analyze your life for this terrible phenomenon. In intimacy, the routine is usually described with the slightly offensive phrase “duty sex” and is necessarily condemned by everyone – from girlfriends to glossy magazines.

The first signs may appear in a different order. Either you yourself want something new, or your partner looked with interest at the long-legged nymph passing by, and now you want to urgently assert yourself in bed and prove that you are really a nymph too. It’s sad, but sometimes a sudden explosion of creativity in bed is a desperate attempt to save a marriage that is bursting at the seams, and you yourself do not need it, it is not interesting, and these stupid stockings are annoying.


It’s good if you both strive for novelty and want to try something new together. What if not? And a glossy magazine shining with a white-toothed smile insidiously sneaks in to print: so, my dear, you didn’t want fluffy handcuffs and sex, standing in a hammock, you boring dull woman! If you stay alone, get a coupon for forty cats. This would be laughable out loud, but not everyone succeeds, and organizing a holiday in bed seems to be the best solution.

When the holiday every day is no longer happy

Every housewife is probably familiar with dull thoughts: what would you cook for dinner, something new, so as not to be an on-duty routine? If the same gloom creeps into the choice of a sexual menu, it is actually terrible. Back to pasta and patty? Yes, it’s like death, so beloved spouse will order pizza. Or run after that long-legged shameless girl.


Desperately caring for variety for variety’s sake turns you into a sexy animator. Believe me, entertainment workers are not really as sparkling with fun as it seems to the audience, it is not in vain that they say that clowns are the saddest people in the world. If you throw all your efforts into organizing a holiday, you no longer have the strength, time and enthusiasm to have fun yourself. But what about mutual pleasure? Yes, what a pleasure there is, if a feeling of guilt is on guard with a whip: she didn’t reach it, didn’t twist it, she performed the Kama Sutrovsky bridge without the necessary grace and failed to erotically lay her left leg behind her right ear.



The good news: you can just have sex!

You need urgent resuscitation! Believe me, your partner will also exhale with relief, it is not easier for him. I just want to have sex, have fun – but no, the beloved woman tried, laid rose petals on the bed and ran to the sex shop on ice for handcuffs. He is not a beast to neglect such selflessness.

Add spontaneity – it is she who is the main killer of the strained and disgusting scenario here. Animator quit! It’s time to taste the simple joys of life, your achievement has already been ticked, you can and know how to create a sexual extravaganza. Now you can exhale and find that just fooling around under the covers is no less pleasant than critically checking the strength of an ironing board that has not yet been made happy with the strictly prescribed “sex in an unusual place” setting.


Favorite positions and comfort

Only the lazy did not ridicule the missionary position in sex. She was so branded that now you will think three times whether it is worth it. In fact, why is the mentioned missionary position so bad? No, no one calls for a special toe-length shirt with a hole for intercourse, although this in itself is already fun. We are talking exclusively about your favorite positions for sex, in which you are definitely comfortable, comfortable, and you can completely surrender in every sense of the word.


If during sex you don’t think about the right technique and don’t suffer, this fold on your side, where it came from, the weight is half a kilo less than the day before yesterday, then this is your comfortable position. For a man, it works in exactly the same way: there is a favorite position that gives maximum pleasure with a minimum of effort! It seems that this is where the problem lies – for some reason, a minimum of effort is considered a terrible vice, you must be tormented, suffer, break the leg of the sofa and drop everything, and only then – through thorns to the stars – you get the right to a real orgasm. Do not believe! Your comfort is directly related to pleasure.

Start with striptease. Smoothly and beautifully remove all responsibility from yourself and throw it on the floor without looking. After that, everything will turn out by itself, because now the duty of a mass entertainer does not interfere with you and the whole holiday is now yours!