Sexual disorders

The lack of harmony in the intimate relationship of a couple is not yet a strong evidence of the sexual incompatibility of lovers, but may be a manifestation of a sexual disorder in one of the partners.

Types of sexual disorders

The following main types of sexual disorders in women are classified:

  • violation or complete lack of sexual interest;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • the problem of sexual arousal.

Disorders of sexual desire

It is characterized by a decrease or disappearance of the thought of sex, sexual desire, interest, fantasies. What previously led to unthinkable excitement, now absolutely does not affect the intimate strings of the soul. If we talk about the nature of this violation, then stressful circumstances, an alarming relationship, or the onset of a certain physiological stage in a woman’s life can become the cause of its appearance.

Lack of orgasm

A change in the intensity of orgasm or its disappearance may occur as a result of age-related changes, taking medications that lower blood pressure. An important reason is the presence of injuries of the pelvic organs, inflammatory processes in them. Sometimes unequal tension, psychological problems “block” the appearance of sexual pleasures.

Disorders of sexual arousal

A woman may or may not be aware of the lack of arousal. The latter, in turn, can be genital, personal, mixed. Genital often manifests itself in the postmenopausal period. Sexual arousal personality disorder is not something very serious. So, while watching a movie of an erotic nature, kisses, touches, a woman is able to notice sexual behavior disordersown reduced reaction. aware of her natural sexual arousal. With a mixed disorder, it is difficult for a woman to recognize the presence of disorders.

Sexual preference or behavior disorder

These include sadomasochistic tendencies, transsexualism, etc. Explanations for this: violations at the gene, hormonal or chromosomal levels. This sexual disorder manifests itself in unusual fantasies, actions that do not correspond to the requirements of society and culture. In addition, such a person, due to his own actions, can create stressful situations for himself, difficulties in adapting.