sexual deviations

Sexual deviations (deviations) in men and women are expressed in the same way. Such norms of behavior are criticized and perceived with hostility by society.

Types of sexual deviations

There is no confirmed classification, but there are several options offered by sexologists, gynecologists, psychotherapists, etc.

One option suggests dividing sexual deviations like this:

  1. Depending on the object of attraction: fetishism, narcissism, pedophilia, necrophilia, transvestism, bestiality, etc.
  2. Depending on the method of achieving pleasure: sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, klismophilia, vampirism, saliromania, etc.
  3. Atypical sexual deviations: incest, homosexuality, bisexualism, prostitution and asexuality.

Brief description of the most common deviations

  1. Fetishism. In this case, a person has a sexual attraction to specific parts of the body, clothes or objects.
  2. Exhibitionism. People with such a deviation enjoy the demonstration of their genitals.
  3. Pedophilia. Sexual attraction to children of minor age, mostly under 12 years old. People with this problem are prosecuted by law.

Causes of sexual deviations

There are no clear reasons that can provoke the appearance of this or that deviation. But still, experts identify several factors that can provoke sexual deviations in women and men:

  • bad heredity;
  • problems with hormones;
  • intoxication;
  • mental disorders;
  • wrong psychosexual development.

How to identify and get rid of?

There are several signs that indicate that the deviation is a disease:

    sexual deviations in men

  1. Your behavior causes serious problems, such as being fired from a job, being arrested, etc.
  2. You do not control your actions and are not responsible for the consequences.

Basically, people who have such deviations do not need the help of a doctor, since they are fully responsible for their actions. But there are people who experience discomfort from any sexual deviations, in this case, there are several methods in psychology that will help to cope with such problems.

Special techniques are aimed at finding out the cause of the deviation, reducing pathological attraction and correcting sexual behavior.