Sex without penetration

sex without penetration

Sexologists do not just advise, but even strongly recommend that couples bring something new to their intimate life. One of these “peppercorns” is sex without penetration, which, moreover, can be practiced by those who are in no hurry to say goodbye to their chastity.

What is non-penetrative sex called?

Shy individuals can safely use the term “parasex”. By the way, such sexual intercourse without penetration into a partner is a great option for those cases when it is not possible to engage in, let’s say, full-fledged intercourse.

Types of sex without penetration

  1. oral sex. Blowjob and cunnilingus not only add variety to the sexual life of lovers, but are also considered excellent options for the perfect foreplay, helping to make them even more aroused. The most interesting thing is that blowjob has a positive effect on the condition of a woman. So, during arousal, the male sexual organ produces the hormone oxytocin. It is thanks to him that couples in love are so strongly attached to each other. In addition, it helps in the future to easily relate to any stressful situations. And, if you dig deeper, it turns out that this kind of sex without penetration contributes to the successful course of pregnancy. During a blowjob, a girl absorbs the DNA of her partner, and this suggests that her body will not perceive the sperm of a young man as foreign objects. This indicates that the probability of miscarriage and infertility is equal to zero.
  2. Intrabial sex. This copulation is not as common as the previous species. So, in this case, the penis is clamped between the female calves, while the partner performs reciprocating movements.
  3. Trichophilic sex. No less sophisticated and so unusual is lovemaking, in which a man rubs his main advantage against silky female hair. It is important to note that, depending on the type of girl's hair, their length, the partner will have different feelings. This type of non-penetrative intercourse is especially suitable for women who enjoy having someone touch their hair.
  4. Petting. This is nothing more than an imitation of sex. They can even be practiced in clothes. True, the thinner its material, the more pleasant it is to the touch, the better for both doves. The main thing here is to focus on stimulating each other's erogenous zones with the help of the tongue. Moreover, with the help of eyelashes, you can tickle your partner's nipples. The most interesting thing is that entire chapters of the Kama Sutra are devoted to the description of this process. If we talk about deep petting, then both partners, being completely naked, caress each other with the help of the tongue, mammary glands. In addition, you can resort to masturbation, fellatio and cunnilingus.
  5. breast sex. If you can boast of a large breast size, then why not try this type of intercourse, in which the penis is squeezed between the mammary glands and rubs against them? types of sex without penetrationThe most comfortable position for such an occasion is that she kneels in front of her partner.
  6. gluteal petting. Behind the terrible name lies the usual friction of a man's genitals on the female buttocks, or rather between them. It has nothing to do with anal penetration. The only thing you need to take care of in advance is to have a bottle of lubricant on hand.
  7. virtual intercourse. Intimacy without penetration at a distance is not only a way to be morally closer to your lover, but also an opportunity to diversify relationships in a special way. Sex on the phone, on Skype, or just exciting correspondence - this is what will help bring a touch of sexual diversity to the intimate life of both.