Sex without a condom

Sex without a condom

Unfortunately, today not only young people, but also teenagers want to not only know everything about sex, but also try it from personal experience. This leads to early pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, abandoned babies and broken lives.

Of course, the best way out of this situation is for young people to realize that sex is the lot of marriage. Only after you have consciously embarked on the path of family life can you have sex and plan your pregnancy.

Many teenagers think that the first sex should be without a condom and as early as possible in order to be like everyone else. But you won’t be like everyone else. You will simply destroy your life and then it will be very difficult to build real, living relationships that will be based on friendship, trust and sincere love.

But even in married life, misunderstandings often arise due to different views on protection. After all, sex without a condom is better, and this, according to many, can lead to undesirable consequences.

Safe sex without a condom

Today there are many methods of contraception. They are selected taking into account age and health status. Contraceptives for sex without a condom must meet the following requirements:

  • protect against pregnancy;
  • cause minimal harm to the body.

The most convenient and cheapest means is a condom. But, as mentioned earlier, not everyone likes it and few know how to have sex without a condom.

Among the barrier methods are the use of caps, diaphragms and spermicides: suppositories and gels. Any of the mentioned contraceptives is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. But be sure to consult a gynecologist on how to use them correctly.

Another common method is the use of hormonal birth control pills. This brings certain features and inconveniences. Tablets need to be taken every day at a certain time. If you take a pill incorrectly, this can lead not only to pregnancy, but also to disorders in the body. But, in any case, hormonal drugs harm the liver and kidneys, albeit a small one. Contraceptive pills are not recommended for women with varicose veins, diseases of the kidneys, liver, biliary tract, poor blood clotting, etc. In general, before taking any medication, be sure to consult your doctor.

Another way to have sex without a condom is coitus interruptus. Some say that this is a very unreliable method, while others are sure that it is quite effective. But, we recommend this method to those couples who are not in a hurry with children, but will not mind if they appear.

Some people think that the best time to have sex without a condom is during or after your period. But this option is also not for everyone. You can use the calendar to calculate when the middle of the cycle will be and during this period either abstain or use protection.

Sex without a condom pregnancy

In exceptional cases, only one acceptable method remains – the intrauterine device. For example, if a woman is allergic to the latex from which condoms are made. But it should be borne in mind that the spiral carries with it many side effects.

But, if it happened that after a stormy date you had sex without a condom, and you do not plan a pregnancy, you can seek help from a doctor who will advise you on special pills that can be taken a couple of days after sex.

And let’s remind you again. It is best to have sex when you are confident in your partner and entered into a legal marriage with him.