Sex with two men

Sex with two men

The beautiful half of humanity is divided into 2 categories – those who say “Sex with two men – fu, how disgusting” and those who are haunted by the fantasy “I want sex with two men”. Moreover, according to statistics, there are more of the latter. But, despite the large number of people who want to try sex with two men at the same time, not everyone succeeds. The reasons for this are different, someone’s own indecision interferes, and someone has a permanent lover who categorically declares “you won’t have sex with two guys.” True, some ladies, receiving such a remark, still try sex with two partners, but “on the side.” And it is difficult to condemn them for this – life is one, and I want to try a lot in it. But how can you organize sex with two men, what advice will there be?

I want sex with two guys!

As soon as a woman has an idea about sex with two men, she immediately wants to be voiced and brought to life as quickly as possible. But this is hampered by the many “what ifs” that immediately appear after a bold fantasy. But most of all, women are worried about how such an experience will affect existing relationships, whether they will put their family at risk by fulfilling their desire. Moreover, the fears are so strong that women do not even dare to tell their partner about such a fantasy. And what now to give up your desires or find a couple of men “on the side” who will help with the implementation? Both options have the right to life, but it’s worth talking to your regular partner about a threesome. And there is no need to be afraid that he will consider you too slutty or think that you do not love him. Who knows, maybe he will take your idea with enthusiasm. And, of course, you should not be ashamed of your desires yourself, sexologists consider the fantasy of sex with two men to be quite normal. In nature, the choice is always made by the female, and in human society it is the woman who chooses her partner. But it’s not easy, someone is smarter, and someone is prettier, who to choose? An additional bed test is required here – this is written in the female genes, and it is difficult to resist the call of nature. So, having caught yourself on the idea of ​​​​sex with two guys, you do not need to draw erroneous conclusions about your promiscuity.

How to organize sex with two partners?

Not all men favorably meet the idea of ​​inviting another partner, they might not refuse a second girl, but not everyone will risk sharing their woman with another man. But this does not mean that you should forget about your desire. It’s just that you need to approach its implementation very carefully, and not declare to your husband from the threshold “take off your clothes, I invited your friend here, it will be the third”. First, you need to talk to your partner and find out how acceptable / unacceptable this type of sex is for him. If a loved one turns his nose away in disgust or says his firm masculine “no”, there is no need to fall into despair, men also sometimes say “no”, meaning “I agree”. Just pretend that you have discarded this idea, because you love him very much and respect his opinion. And then after some time, offer to watch an erotic film on the topic of threesome sex (MZHM, of course) and look at the reaction of your man. If the film inspires him, the whole “client has swum”, a little more, and he will perceive your idea more favorably. There are times when a man does not agree to a threesome in any way, in this case it would be wise to retreat, is the family more precious to you than a strange man in your bed? How to organize sex with two partners

Tips for organizing sex with two guys

Having received the consent of the partner for such an experiment, you can begin to prepare for the event. It is worth considering the following points:

  • the desire of partners must be mutual and sincere, otherwise no one will get pleasure;
  • you should not invite one of your friends to the role of a third one - why do you need a feeling of embarrassment or jealousy that may arise after;
  • all the circumstances of the upcoming action must be discussed with the partner.