Evgenia Lipchinskaya, a practicing sexologist and relationship expert, told VOICE about them.

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Evgenia Lipchinskaya

Conscious sex

A clear understanding of one’s needs and the full experience of emotions have become important aspects of personal sexuality, allowing one to find the necessary mood and enhance feelings from interaction with a partner. Conscious sex is expressed in the desire for balance, attentiveness to one’s state and body, finding inner peace. In other words, you should always understand what you are doing, why and how it affects you and your lover.


Over the past 20 years, the need for sex has decreased significantly, and the passionate and fast act has lost its relevance. People have a general fatigue from an active social life and its frantic rhythm, so violent sexual relationships fade into the background. The world strives for awareness, including intimacy. By the way, it allows you to experience a slow, long and very sensual orgasm.


Return to tantric sex

Although it has existed for several centuries, it is now reaching a new level and is a wonderful form of conscious sex. Harmony with yourself and your partner is not only a trend, but also the foundation of a happy relationship. Tantra implies an infinite energy that permeates bodies and souls, filling people in union with strength and resources for spiritual growth.


The presence of the second half for tantra is optional: you can enjoy it alone with yourself. Tantric sex is based on meditation, mastery of breathing techniques and the use of special postures. Tantra has been practiced for years, but you can try it right now. Start with a relaxing atmosphere, meditation music and deep breathing: this can take sexual sensations to a new level.


Invented this kind of sex, oddly enough, temperamental Italians. The term “karezza” (karezza) in translation means “care”, and in bed it manifests itself as a long act without orgasm, where all attention is paid to tenderness and caresses. The idea of ​​karezza is based on the fact that during orgasm the body releases dopamine, the hormone of pleasure, while long-term interaction provokes the release of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment.


In fact, karezza is a long foreplay with a concentration on the bodies of partners, erogenous zones and tactile touch (with minimal attention paid to the genitals themselves). This tactic allows you to establish emotional intimacy and a strong connection between people. Of course, not all couples are ready to enjoy each other for hours without frictions and orgasms, but karezza makes sex life deeper and more conscious. This is also one of the new trends: in 2022, feelings will mean more than pleasure.


The exchange of photos, videos and messages of intimate content through instant messengers allows you to become closer with a partner, flirt and receive emotions at a distance. Every day we correspond with friends and colleagues, this is an integral part of our social life. Now this trend is coming to sex: such communications help to be liberated, to accept yourself and develop fantasy.



The main principles of sexting are comfort, voluntariness and safety. And its main tasks are to maintain a general emotional mood, choose a photo in which you like yourself, write a few lines with erotic overtones and send it to your partner. It’s just a game, but during the day it can set you up for a wild evening. It is also suitable for couples who maintain relationships at a distance: this way you will keep your intimate connection.

sex trends

Sexting is on the rise, and for good reason.



The word “kink” is translated from English as “weirdness, quirk or perversion.” Kinks include the realization of any fantasy associated with one person or several, as well as the use of visual images and objects. Kinks, for example, can be elements of BDSM – a blindfold or handcuffs. Or maybe you have long wanted to try ice cubes or play the role of a strict nurse?

This type of sexual activity, like kinky, brings new emotions to the relationship, allows you to learn more about your sensuality and try new tactile responses. It is not necessary to go to kinky parties: you can embody fantasies at home with your boyfriend. The trend of 2022 is an open recognition of your desires, the ability to discuss them with a partner and put them into practice.


sex toys

These devices have long been part of the sex life. The trend of 2022 is the understanding that such gadgets do not replace, but complement sex. They should be used together with a partner as spices, allowing you to give each other new sensations. There are plenty to choose from, from vibrating bullets that you can always carry in your purse, to toys that use cyberdildonics technology, which allows you to have sex from a distance.



Basic knowledge of psychology and sexuality in our time is necessary for every modern woman. Information has become available: almost any glossy magazine writes about sex, useful and interesting books on sex education appear on store shelves, many experts in this field blog on social networks.


Educational online courses on the development of sexuality, work with feelings and anxieties have also appeared – this is a progressive trend that is in increasing demand. Most often, these are marathons, limited by a certain period, for which a number of mandatory tasks must be completed. They can be very effective if you need to work through significant topics and understand yourself. The main thing is to choose a good specialist.

sex therapy

Another trend is the ability to recognize that sometimes you need help to understand yourself. Personal consultations with a sexologist will help you safely and effectively explore your own emotions and experiences, learn new techniques, get rid of taboos, or, conversely, realize when you should leave your boundaries intact. Such meetings last from 30 to 60 minutes, you can work with a specialist remotely.


By the way, it is not necessary to run to an expert when everything is bad. It is worth doing this even when you feel that you are completely satisfied with sex, because it is important to maintain this state. Let’s call it prevention, and here is a simple parallel that speaks of its necessity: it is better to go to the dentist before your teeth hurt.

All trends in 2022 are connected to each other and are based on great knowledge about sex, a conscious approach to yourself, accepting your desires and creating an emotional connection in a relationship with a partner. Which of the trends suits you, decide for yourself. Everyone will allow you to try something new, look at your sexuality from a different angle and have fun.