sex toys

sex toys

Tired of monotonous sex? One solution to the problem is to purchase a toy that will help renew your sex life. The industry of devices for sex in recent years has stepped far: store shelves are full of variety. With such an assortment, choosing a toy for two is not difficult. It remains only to decide on preferences.

What are sex toys?

  • accessories (suits, handcuffs, feathers, whips, etc.);
  • dildos and vibrators, strap-ons, attachments for male genitals, realism (these are realistically made models of various parts of the body, such as breasts or priests);
  • decor and interior items (sexual furniture, appliances, latex bedding).

How to choose a dildo?

If you decide to diversify your personal life, most likely the first thing you want to try is sex with a dildo. A dildo is a model of a male penis. It can be of any thickness, length, shape and color. Unlike a vibrator, it does not make any mechanical movements. The sensations that such a sex toy gives are as realistic as possible. The dildo can be used both for stimulation during sexual games and for masturbation. Before you buy such a toy, decide on the key parameters: material and length. The classic dildo is made of silicone and reaches 16-25 cm. If aesthetic appearance is important to you, take a closer look at glass products – sometimes they look like a work of art, but they need to be warmed up before use. In the line of such toys there is also a multifunctional dildo, which combines the functions of a vaginal and clitoral stimulator. Keeping a dildo at home is not necessary in the bedroom – miniature ducks with a hidden mechanism will become your favorite fun and bathroom decoration.

Why are sex toys good?

There are many toys in the sex shop, but accessories for sexual games occupy a special place among other amusements. Role-playing games with elements of dressing up excite the imagination and, of course, excite partners. The use of sex toys will allow you to renew your sexual relationship, bring new sensations into your personal life and realize secret fantasies. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The only rule is that everything should happen according to mutual desire.

Use of sex toys

Stick to some rules. Avoid silicone-based lubricants – water-based lubricants are preferable. Hide your devices in the depths of a chest of drawers, away from a curious cat and other sharp dangerous objects – a cut or scratch can lead to damage. Knowing how to use sex toys, you will be able to enjoy them for quite a long time.

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How to care for adult sex toys?

The most popular material for sex toys is silicone. It is easy to care for such material, it is enough to wash the toy with soap and water under running water. It is very important to follow the rules of hygiene: if you have lent your sex toy to a friend, upon returning it must be wiped with an alcohol-based product. And do not forget about the condom if you decide to arrange a real relaxation for yourself and use your toy first in anal sex, and then in the traditional one.

Appear in front of a partner dressed as a strict teacher or a catwoman, throw latex pillows on the bed or mount a sexy swing in the ceiling – the choice is yours. The main thing is mutual consent and pleasure from sex, which you will get in full.