sex toys for women

sex toys for women

It has been proven that women who regularly use sex toys look much sexier in the eyes of men than shy, conservative partners. Moreover, both men and women believe that combining masturbation with sex toys during intercourse only increases arousal. Why are we? Yes, all to the fact that, despite the victory of feminism around the world, we are still embarrassed to buy ourselves “tools to achieve sexual bliss.”

Let’s go through the most popular sex toys for women.

Vibrators or dildos?

Most people confuse these two concepts, and although there is a certain similarity between them, one must recognize the fundamental difference in the functions of these favorite women’s sex toys.

Dildos are, in simple terms, an artificial male member that women insert into their vagina to achieve orgasm. They create a feeling of fullness, they are used for external sliding, between the lips of the vulva and in the perineum. If you are new to this kind of inventory and you are wondering what kind of sex toys women like, opt for dildos and you can’t go wrong.

Vibrators are also a kind of subspecies of dildos, but they only work on a battery and vibrate when turned on. Most models do not need to be inserted into the vagina for pleasure, it is enough to attach to the outer part of the genitals and feel the vibration pleasantly inward.

Note: Neither dildos nor vibrators can replace a woman having sex with a real man. Sex toys are convenient and versatile, since you can satisfy yourself even when your partner is not around, and sexual contact with a man is, first of all, a ritual and sacrament for women, and not physical satisfaction.

what sex toys do women likevaginal rings

The list of the best sex toys for women also includes vaginal rings. They will not only deliver a one-time pleasure, but also benefit the female reproductive system. Vaginal rings are a kind of simulator for the female vagina, “training” and having fun at the same time, you contract the muscles of the vagina, which, like the press, can be pumped up. During sex, your partner will be pleasantly flattered by the vaginal muscles tightly squeezing his penis and will receive unforgettable pleasure. And you, when discussing what sex toys women prefer, do not forget about male needs.

Vaginal balls are especially useful for women who want to restore the shape of the vagina after childbirth.