“When I came across a description of an experiment in which people have sex every day, I could not imagine that I could participate. Of course, I love sex, but not to the same extent! And even more so, I did not know what consequences this could lead to …


What is the meaning of the event? “Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.” Of course, I did not consider my comfort zone worthy of leaving it, but I hoped that daily sex would make us closer and not so lazy.

The husband also reacted without much enthusiasm, but he also became interested in what this would lead to. And we decided.

Day #1: Sex anywhere but the bed

I figured we’d get up at 7am, 20 precious minutes earlier than usual, to have sex before work. But it turned out that we are both terribly lazy, so I quickly gave him a pleasant oral – and with a sense of accomplishment, we went to the shower. Gone!

Day #2: Try a new position

Alas, this day fell on an emergency at work, and I also had to wash my hair, which takes me about an hour. So I fell asleep on the couch at 10 pm. Pass!


Day #3: Sex twice a day

We started as on the first day, added in the evening, since it was Friday on the calendar. I fell asleep instantly. Gone!

Day #4: Read erotic stories together before sex

After breakfast we returned to bed. But since we didn’t take a laptop with us and didn’t know what to read at all, we decided to just talk about our expectations about sex. Gone!

Day #5: Sex in the shower

He left for the day and I got up later. So I had to deal with it alone, taking a sex toy for clitoral stimulation for company. Gone!

Day #6: Full body massage before sex

How do people get time for both massage and sex before work? And then I met with a friend, came late and fell asleep. Pass!


Day #7: Quickie, 10 minutes or less

My husband got up at 4 am and flew to Amsterdam. He’ll be gone for a whole week. Pass!


Days #8-13: Sex in the car, sex sitting on a chair or sofa, sensual oil massage before sex, oral sex only, domination, orgasm without penetration.


Day #14: A new place in the house for sex

I woke up with the desire to finally return to the experiment, despite the critical days. True, everything hurt, and touching was the last thing I wanted. As a compromise, they mutually worked with their hands in the shower before work. We are hackers, yes. Gone!

Day #15: Self-pleasure in front of each other

I didn’t want anything at all, so he acted only. Gone!


Day 16: Kamasutra for experienced

My husband returned late, I did not wait. Pass!

Day #17: Sex toys

It’s even funny! We have a whole box under our bed, we decided to take the one that we rarely use. It turned out to be a penis ring with two built-in vibrators, from below and above, and the second one can also please me if I’m on top. Everything was great, need to use more often. Gone!

Day #18: Watch porn together

This is what we sometimes do, so no problem. Then, of course, sex. Gone!

Day #19: Sex without penetration

Some stupid experiment, we often have non-penetrative sex because that’s not the point. And today we both wanted the classics, so we rewrote the rule. Gone!


Day #20: Share Fantasies via Mail

I texted him whatever I wanted, including oral sex and glass toys. He replied that he agreed and wanted to add anal caresses. And all my desire is gone. I’ve avoided this for so many years! Hope he forgets. And so it happened. But my part was done. Gone!

Day #21: Go to the sex shop together

They ignored it because they were there many times. They took out a whip from the box and diversified sex. Gone!

Day #22: He makes her orgasm without penetration

And I’m not at all ashamed to get up and go to the kitchen for a sandwich. Gone!

Day #23: Sex at night

All day I was angry at the whole world, went to bed early. Pass!

Day #24: Sex play

No one wants to play at 9 am, so we had casual sex with a change of position. We fulfilled the basic condition, so we passed!


Day #25: Slow sex

I left on a business trip. Pass!


Day #26: He dominates

She came back late and he was sick. Pass!

Day #27: Dinner out with touches under the table

Unexpectedly ran out of free money, so we had dinner at home. Touching under the kitchen table is not so beautiful, but the sex was great. Gone!

Day #28: Multiple Orgasms

I went to the theater, and my husband got really sick. Pass!

Day #29: Flip a coin, choose dominant

Alas. Pass!

Day #30: Stay up all night

I was determined and told him that since we failed everything, we should at least complete the last day! But he looked miserable, so pass!

And what have we learned?

I should probably be ashamed that we passed 14 out of 30 days with grief in half, but I believe that such a difficult experiment cannot be performed at all these days! Work, friends, stress, illness, departures, and someone else has children and pets… And every time it’s unpleasant to think that they failed again. Also, not all jobs are created equal.

In any case, this is a good way to feel close to your partner and think about what else you can add to your sex life. Even if it doesn’t happen every day!”