sex in unusual places

Of course, sex in people’s lives existed, exists and will always exist. Postures, various caresses were invented many centuries ago. But, as a rule, lovemaking took place in the traditional place – in the bedroom, behind closed doors. We suggest looking for unexpected places for sex.

But first, we propose to discuss the question – why do couples try to have sex in different places? Oddly enough, first of all it is a housing issue. Not all lovers have the opportunity to retire so that they can make love in comfort. This is what drives desperate lovers to have sex in public places. As a rule, young couples who do not yet have their own housing or those who already have children and try not to be noticed by their children for such an intimate affair usually go for such feats. In such situations, people begin to look for places where they can have sex in order to hide from prying eyes.

And speaking of sex in dangerous places. In a relationship, sometimes there are periods when the routine gets boring, you want some kind of variety. An excellent solution to the problem would be an emotional shake-up and new, previously unknown sensations. The opportunity to be noticed and the extreme environment will not only tickle your nerves, but also greatly excite both you and your partner.

The most unusual places for sex

Today we invite you to explore possible options for unusual places for having sex, the impossibility of which will be an excellent stimulant of sexual desire. Therefore, sex in public places, where you can be caught at any time, is usually accompanied by violent orgasms.

Sex in a public place

  1. Sex on the bus. Public transport is the place where you can try an unrealistic extreme. Try to be alone with your partner in the back seats and enjoy oral or other forms of sex without the other passengers noticing.
  2. On the balcony. At any moment, your neighbors may suddenly appear on the neighboring balcony. In addition, when having sex on an open balcony on the upper floors, try to look down. Thrills are guaranteed.
  3. Bath and sauna. Our ancestors have long loved this place. Try first to lather each other, wash, steam. But remember that if you or your partner have heart or pressure problems, then such fun is absolutely contraindicated for you, otherwise the consequences of such pleasure can be terrible.
  4. Sex on the beach. The main thing is not to embarrass those present. It is advisable to retire in a not too busy place. Try also making love in the water.
  5. In car. Considered a classic of the genre. You can have sex in the driver’s seat, front passenger seat or in the back seat. The main thing is that the girl does not press the horn, otherwise you may attract the attention of strangers.
  6. Swimming pool. Locker rooms, showers and other nooks and crannies can make your sex life interesting and rich.
  7. Place of study or work. Auditoriums, classrooms, toilets, conference rooms. All this is suitable for making love.
  8. Cinema. No wonder the last rows are popularly called “places for kisses”. But someone is practicing lovemaking there. Therefore, if you still want to watch the movie, then take tickets closer.
  9. Elevator. This is a very extreme place for making love. Try to stay between floors, we recommend that you prepare in advance in the apartment. sex in unexpected placesWear comfortable clothes that will not cause you both unnecessary trouble.
  10. Train. While traveling, you can give each other an unforgettable experience by making love in the compartment or in the toilet. Uninhibited couples can try to have sex at night on the top shelf, shielded from prying eyes by sheets.

When choosing such pastime options, do not forget about ethical standards, and try not to catch the eye of others during the process, then your impressions will be memorable and positive.