Sex in public places

sex in public places

Almost everyone has had situations when they really want intimacy, but nowhere. Then quiet corners of parks, back rows in cinemas, elevators and entrances are used. But for some, the propensity for non-standard sex remains with the acquisition of their own living space.

Is sex in public places okay?

And what could be abnormal in having sex in non-standard places? An attack of passion can cover anyone, there is nothing special about it. And you should not forget about homeless lovers. Many practice sex in public places in order to diversify their intimate life and rekindle a subdued passion. But some make it a hobby, now the dogger movement is actively developing. People get acquainted online and agree on the place and time of a public act, while they are not supposed to have any preliminary meetings. Here it is no longer a matter of increased excitement, which occurs with the opportunity to be caught, but in the desire to reveal oneself to the world in such an interesting way.

But no matter what reason pushes a person to have sex in a public place, sexologists have their own opinion on this matter. They believe that this is a manifestation of exhibitionistic inclinations, which are expressed differently in everyone. The excitement of one person grows when he knows that he is being watched (or it can happen), and other people simply cannot get alone with a partner, they simply need viewers. In the latter case, the help of a specialist is clearly required, so we will not consider it, but will talk about cases where people just want to try something new in sex.

Where can you have sex?

As practice shows, you can have sex wherever you like: in the cinema, in a taxi, in public transport - people find a lot of places and opportunities to retire.

  1. The beach is probably the most popular place among public places for sex. It is best to do this in the early morning or late evening. And there are fewer possible witnesses, and the situation is more romantic, and you won’t get a sunstroke. But if you choose a city beach for making love, then remember that it is better not to transfer your experiments to the water - the water is painfully dirty there, there is no shortage of microbes and human waste.
  2. Benches and shady corners of parks are another popular place. Everything is not bad - in the twilight and thickets of greenery, only a vivid manifestation of emotions will give out lovers. Sitting right on the grass is not as romantic as it might seem (thorns, debris, ants), so choose sitting (bench) or standing (near a tree) positions.
  3. It is impossible not to say about nightclubs - many impatient couples choose their toilets. Nothing can be done, Western films literally impose on us the use of restrooms for love pleasures.
  4. Sex in the mall is a favorite pastime of many extreme people. If you want to be one of them, choose clothing departments that are full of buyers. Then the attention of sellers to fitting rooms will not be so riveted.
  5. The cinema, the last rows, the places for kisses - everything seems to be created for lovers. The best sessions are daytime, there are not so many viewers. The best positions are sitting facing or back to your partner. Oral caresses are also welcome. But you can retire not only in the hall. Toilets, window sills with heavy curtains, screen space can also help you fulfill your fantasy.
  6. Some daredevils decide to have sex right on the street. Someone is hiding in courtyards and dark alleys, and someone is in their own car.
  7. The option on the road is also quite common - it takes a long time to get on the train, there is nothing to do, and if you use where to have sexblankets, then in the reserved seat you can isolate yourself from your neighbors and indulge in a more pleasant activity than looking at the landscape outside the window.

What to do if you get caught?

There are two options: continue or retreat. If you were noticed, but, smiling, passed by, you have nothing to worry about. But now, if vigilant pensioners or police officers make a remark to you, then you will have to interrupt. There is no article prohibiting having sex in a public place, but law enforcement officers can prosecute you for petty hooliganism. And this threatens you with a fine or 15 days in prison. So be careful.