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Myths about weight loss through sex

Myth #1. If you have sex every day for 40 minutes, you can lose a lot of weight.

Does sex help you lose weight? As calculated by sexologists from California State University, who conducted a study on how much energy a person spends during sex, up to 250 calories can be spent in 1 hour of active sex. This figure seems quite large, almost a whole dinner, but let’s get back to reality, 250 kcal is spent per hour, that is, about 4 kcal is spent per minute, and this is spent by a man, since he still plays an active role in most positions, a woman takes a passive role and spends 2 times less. Also, one should not lose sight of such a “small” fact that, according to statistics, the average sexual intercourse of a man lasts 3-5 minutes (we do not take into account the heroes of the porn industry), that is, according to the author’s theory, it turns out that for a full-fledged daily workout you need to invite at least a football team, and preferably two. Even if there is a sex giant that can withstand your 40 minute workout, it will not last long. Since men have a so-called refractory period – this is the time during which he fully restores strength for the next full-fledged act, and often this time exceeds a day. Suppose that we have found a sex giant and we are lucky with his refractory period, but the male body spends quite a lot of valuable resources on sperm production and restores them for a long time; it turns out that after a couple of weeks of daily sex marathons, not only will he not want to have sex, but he will hardly get out of bed from dehydration, that is, until you get to the cherished -15 kg, you will have to be a widow several times.

Myth #2. Oral sex is able to remove the cheeks and the second chin.

It turns out that again, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists will have to change their profile of activity, since it is enough to please a man with oral caresses every day – and there are no problems. In fact, the visibility of the cheekbones and the oval of the face depend on the structure of the skull, and, as you might guess, it does not change during the blowjob. The only thing that can emphasize the cheekbones is a general decrease in body fat after diets and intense workouts in the gym, as well as direct injections of Botox in plastic surgery. It is also worth noting that if you have oral sex or just suck on sweets for several hours a day, every day, not minutes, as they usually do oral sex, but hours, this contributes to the formation of wrinkles around the circular muscles of the mouth (Musculus orbicularis oris) and the formation of nasolabial folds, which many women after 30 years of age struggle so unsuccessfully with.

Myth #3. With the help of sex, you can form a muscular relief.

Here we again run into the average duration of sex: well, it is impossible for such a relatively short period of time (unless, of course, you do squats or stand in the plank during foreplay) to load the muscles so that they form a relief.

However, there is Wilhelm Reich’s “Orgasm Reflex” technique, designed to unlock muscle clamps in the pelvic area. Because sedentary lifestyles cause congestion in that area and reduce the ability to experience sexual satisfaction for many, it is taught in sex education centers to help clients achieve orgasm. The technique is a series of static positions in which patients must stand for a long time – not sex positions, but static exercises (yes, like that very bar). And they are performed, of course, not during sex.

Yes, it has long been proven that good sex has an extremely beneficial effect on our body: this is both a general tone due to pleasant and light loads, and a good hormonal cocktail that is produced in the process. During intercourse, the body releases the hormone endorphin, which is responsible for a good mood, as well as natural analogues of morphine, which have an analgesic effect. People who have sex regularly have more antibodies in their blood that protect us from colds and infections. Increasing during sex, the level of the hormone oxytocin has a strong calming effect and is a natural sleeping pill. Therefore, you need to have sex for pleasure, in order to please your partner and yourself, and not at all for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, be in shape, you should not look for a magic pill, just go to the gym and train, follow a healthy diet, and the results will not be long in coming.

For some reason, a lot of pseudo-training centers have recently appeared, ready to tell all women who want how to seduce and promote a man for material values, use him in one aspect or another, and for men how to promote as many women as possible for sex in minimal time and resources. . It is clear that demand creates supply, but let’s still remember that a real relationship does not begin at all with a desire to close any of your needs at the expense of another, and sex is not a tool for solving this problem, but quite the opposite: long and lasting relationships begin with the desire to be with this person and the desire to give him pleasant emotions, regardless of what you get in return. Remember this and love each other just like that.


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