Sex during menstruation

sex during menstruation

Many girls prefer to refrain from intimacy during menstruation, considering sex at this time to be somehow especially “dirty” and unsafe. Whether it is true that having sex during menstruation can lead to undesirable consequences or this pleasant pastime does not cause any harm, we will figure it out in the course of the article.

Sex during menstruation: harmful or not?

In many religions, the period of menstruation was considered a kind of time of purification, therefore, intimate relationships on such days were prohibited. We will not touch on subtle religious topics, but consider the dangers of sex during menstruation from the point of view of medicine.

  1. There is an opinion that it is impossible to get pregnant if you practice sexual intercourse during menstruation. This is partly true, the probability of fertilization at such a time is minimal. But there is still a risk of getting a headache in the form of an unwanted pregnancy, thanks to the ability of spermatozoa to maintain their vitality for up to 3 days. Particular attention should be paid to girls whose menstruation lasts 3-4 days.
  2. But you need to protect yourself not only because of the fear of becoming pregnant, the consequences of unprotected sex during menstruation can be various infectious diseases. Blood is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, and an open cervix allows infections to enter. Therefore, if one of the partners has problems of this kind, intimacy during menstruation is prohibited.
  3. If we talk about the types of sex, then only oral is absolutely safe, vaginal intercourse is permissible subject to the necessary security measures, but it is better to refrain from anal sex these days. As already mentioned, when having sex during menstruation, the risk of catching an infection is already high, and during anal intercourse it increases significantly and the use of condoms in this case will not save you from transmitting the infection.
  4. Intimacy during such a period can bring a lot of pleasant sensations to both partners. Blood rushing to the genitals increases their sensitivity, giving a quick and vivid orgasm to a woman. And the shrinking vagina provides a closer girth of the penis, which gives additional pleasant sensations to the partner. True, doctors recommend refraining from intercourse in the first 2-3 days, while the discharge is most abundant.
  5. For some women, sex during their period relieves pain. This is due to the stimulation of fluid ejection, which relieves swelling of the uterus and reduces pain. But this is true only in the case of achieving orgasm. Also, due to increased blood circulation, there is a faster death of endometrial cells, which reduces the period of menstruation. In some cases, after an orgasm, painful sensations may be observed, in which case any painkiller that relieves spasms will not help.
  6. Many women refuse sex during this period, fearing to scare their partner with the sight of blood. Often these fears are in vain, sexologists have long found out that men often show a special interest in their soul mate during menstruation, and not all guys are so shy. In addition, no one forbids you to choose a bathroom for intimacy on such days. Well, if you decide to stay in bed, harmful sex during menstruationthen you just need to take care of the presence of wet wipes on hand and lay something on top of the sheet to protect it from contamination. To reduce the amount of bleeding, use the classic missionary position, as other postures will produce more intense bleeding.

Thus, having sex during critical days is not something taboo. Subject to the necessary safety and hygiene measures, this process does not bear any harm to women’s health. So if the desire is mutual, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure.