sex during menstruation

sex during menstruation

Many women complain of feeling unwell during “critical days”, but there are also many who want sex during menstruation. Here are just a lot of reasons not to be led by your desires – this is both shyness and fears about the harm to health caused by this process. So let’s see if it is possible to have sex during menstruation, maybe there is no danger to health, but we limit ourselves in vain?

What do the doctor’s say?

Modern medicine believes that sex during menstruation will not entail negative consequences for the body of a healthy woman. But this is provided that the basic hygiene rules are observed. The fact is that during menstruation, the cervix is ​​​​ajar, so pathogenic bacteria can penetrate there. And the blood is a wonderful environment for the development of bacteria. So, if you forget about hygiene, you can get an inflammatory process in the genitals. Therefore, sex during menstruation is allowed only if there is an intimate health of both partners.

Sex during menstruation and pregnancy

There is an opinion that unprotected sex during menstruation is absolutely safe in terms of pregnancy. But this belief is not true. Yes, getting pregnant by having sex during your period is not easy, but there is a chance. The body of each woman is unique, the egg can mature both after the middle of the cycle and before it. And spermatozoa, as you know, in the genital tract can “wait their chance” for 5-7 days. So there is a risk of getting pregnant with unprotected sex during menstruation. It especially increases if the woman’s menstrual cycles are short 15-20 days. And so that beliefs about the sterility of a woman during menstruation dissipate, think about this fact. In Africa, there is a tribe in which, due to religious beliefs, sex is allowed only during menstruation. Despite such features of sexual relations, the tribe lives, and is not going to die out.

How to have sex during menstruation – with or without a condom, is up to you, but if pregnancy is not planned, then you should not forget about contraception.

How does sex affect periods?

And sex on menstruation and menstruation on the quality of sex is influenced. What, now we'll figure it out.

  1. When having sex during menstruation, menstrual pain is reduced. This happens due to spasms during orgasm.
  2. During menstruation, ladies tend to experience a stronger orgasm. This is due to the fact that during menstruation, the vagina, as it were, swells due to blood flow and becomes narrower and more sensitive. Therefore, sex during menstruation can give a more vivid sensation than on other days.
  3. It is believed that if you have sex during your period, it will end faster. It is indeed a proven fact that after an orgasm there is a faster rejection of the endometrium. And this happens because of the hormone that is contained in the semen. So if you want to speed up the passage of menstruation, you need to have sexHow does sex affect menstruation? without condom.
  4. The quality of sex may also improve during this period because many (but not all) men are more sexually attracted to a menstruating woman. Yes, and the ladies during this period are more liberated, which positively affects the quality of love joys.

So, to summarize - you can have sex during menstruation, but only with a proven partner, while observing the rules of hygiene and not forgetting about contraception. If you follow these rules, there will be no harm to health. So, if during menstruation you want sex and your partner does not mind, do it for your health, do not deny yourself pleasure.