Sex after pregnancy

sex after pregnancy

Some young parents are convinced that in the first year after childbirth there can be no sex and pleasure at all, while others share pleasant discoveries, feeling themselves in the arms of a newly-made dad “like for the first time.” Sex after pregnancy is a confusing topic worth thinking about.

When is it possible?

Other lucky women in childbirth, while still lying in the hospital, ask themselves and their “friends in misfortune” when, finally, it will be possible to have sex after pregnancy. We answer: after natural childbirth, gynecologists are vetoed for the first 4-6 weeks, since wounds on the uterus and from placental rupture should heal, and the uterus and vagina should shrink to prenatal size.

After termination of pregnancy, you can have sex after a month. And if we are talking about sex after an ectopic pregnancy, the terms can be delayed up to 8 weeks, and even more – as directed by the doctor.

Firstly, many couples do not survive even 4 weeks after a natural birth. No one has died from this yet, but because of the special sensitivity of the genital organs of women, you can pick up an infection or earn inflammation of the uterus.

Secondly, even when a month or two have passed after childbirth, women are afraid that everything has already healed there. This is a natural fear of pain, after what the fair sex is experiencing during childbirth, such fear is excusable. In order not to waste time and not torment yourself with guesses, you just need to contact a gynecologist to check if your genitals have recovered.

When you don’t feel like it?

Having sex after pregnancy is a sensitive topic, not only because of the observance of the terms after childbirth, but because the desire of partners can both dull and increase dramatically.

In women, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation cause a hormonal surge. In some cases, this leads to unprecedented excitability and new, previously unknown sensations.

having sex after pregnancy

In other cases, caring for a baby, the same hormonal surge, postpartum depression, lead to the fact that a woman simply does not want to, she is not up to it. And evolutionarily, this can also be explained: when a female feeds a baby, she does not feel sexual desire, because in nature, sexual intercourse invariably leads to conception, and a new baby, while this one is not yet strong, she does not need anything.

In this case, you need to wait a pause. Get used to a new role and try to open up in it in a new way, more than ever in a feminine way. After some time, you will be able to leave the child with a nanny or grandmother for a while and stay alone with your husband, at least for a while forgetting about household chores, giving yourself completely only to each other.