Sex after pregnancy - how to return a vibrant intimate life?

One of the important topics for women after the birth of a child is sex after pregnancy. This topic should be approached as responsibly as possible, since non-compliance with existing recommendations and restrictions can cause complications.

Sex after natural childbirth

The quality of intimate relationships after pregnancy often changes for the better for many women. This is explained by the fact that during childbearing, childbirth and breastfeeding, important changes in the hormonal background occur in the body. Many ladies experience their first orgasm only after the birth of a baby. At the same time, half of the women in labor have problems in intimate relationships after pregnancy, and in 18% they do persist throughout the first year.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to have sex after childbirth, and when is the best time for this – so, in this matter, everything is individual and depends on whether there were complications or not. Often in parturient women, the level of the hormone estrogen drops, which provokes a decrease in libido and vaginal dryness. In the second case, it is recommended to use water-based intimate lubricants.

When having sex after pregnancy, you need to take care of contraception, since one of the psychological barriers is the fear of re-pregnancy. The optimal interval between births is at least two years, which is required for a full recovery. Consider the most common contraceptive options used to prevent pregnancy:

sex after natural childbirth

  1. Coitus interruptus. Doctors do not consider this option a method of contraception, since its effectiveness is minimal and more like a lottery. In addition, a small amount of spermatozoa is present in the lubricant, so there will be a risk of becoming pregnant even if the act was stopped on time.
  2. Lactation. Many people believe that it is impossible to get pregnant during lactation, but in fact the chances are high. During breastfeeding, a hormone is produced that not only controls the process of milk production, but also reduces the activity of the ovaries. To get protection from pregnancy, you should feed your baby regularly, at least every three hours, and this will only work for the first six months. At the same time, there are exceptions – women who ovulate in the first month after the baby is born.
  3. Barrier contraception. Sex after pregnancy will be most protected when using condoms.
  4. Intrauterine device. This option is only suitable for those who have given birth. The spiral prevents the egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus after fertilization. In this case, there is a risk of inflammation and ectopic pregnancy.
  5. Spermicides. There are ointments, foams and suppositories, the active substance of which kills spermatozoa, preventing pregnancy. The funds are safe for women and children, but their effectiveness is only 60%.
  6. COOK. Hormonal drugs are effective, but not all drugs are allowed when breastfeeding. It is important to consult a doctor.

How soon after giving birth can you have sex?

All people are different, and even if a woman has a strong desire, you should not rush into intimacy. If you are interested in why it is impossible to have sex after childbirth, then the whole point is the need to allow the body to recover, and in March and other organs to return to normal. By the fortieth day, most women in labor end with lochia (blood discharge), and in the absence of other complications, you can return to sexual life.

how long after giving birth can i have sex

Why don’t you want sex after giving birth?

The most common reason for lack of sexual desire has to do with instincts and hormones. The body is tuned to take care of the baby, so nature provides for the loss of interest in a man. I don’t want sex after childbirth and because of the “milk” hormone prolactin, which suppresses the mechanism of desire. The situation will change after a while, and you can speed it up with oral caresses. There are other reasons for the lack of sexual desire:

  • fear of a new pregnancy;
  • increased fatigue;
  • awareness of one’s own unattractiveness;
  • psychological barriers.

Sex after pregnancy – poses

Of great importance is the choice of posture, and the best are those who have the ability to control the depth, speed, strength and frequency of penetrations. Describing how to have sex after childbirth, we offer the most comfortable and suitable positions:

  1. cowgirl pose. This option is convenient because a woman can independently control the process, choosing the most comfortable penetration, friction frequency and depth. The man is on his back, and the partner is above him, bending her knees. For additional stimulation of the G-spot, move the pelvis forward.
  2. sex post pregnancy positions

  3. Pose on the side. With this contact, the penis cannot fully penetrate the vagina, so discomfort is minimized. For additional stimulation of the G-spot, a woman should throw one leg over a man.
  4. sex post pregnancy positions

  5. Missionary position. The classics are also allowed, but here everything is in the hands of a man who controls the movements, the depth of penetration and speed. The main thing is to avoid sharp frictions.
  6. sex post pregnancy positions

Sex after childbirth – sensations

If we turn to the reviews, many young mothers claim that the sensations during the first sex after pregnancy are similar to those experienced by girls when they lose their virginity. It is especially painful to have sex after childbirth if there was a caesarean section. Doctors are sure that discomfort is associated with anatomical and hormonal changes. Feelings will change unambiguously, since the genitals have been stretched. Some argue that discomfort is felt only after the first pregnancy, and after the second, feelings go to a new level.

Oral sex after childbirth

It is clear that in the case of male satisfaction, there are no restrictions. For women, oral sex is the best option for getting pleasure until sex is allowed a month after giving birth. When everything went well and there were no stitches, then cunnilingus can be a great way to get your intimate life back on track and get rid of the psychological barrier. We must not forget that mutual oral sex can lead to infection of perineal wounds. Serious consequences are caused by infection with the herpes virus.

Is it possible to have anal sex after giving birth?

Many couples choose anal sex after pregnancy, not knowing that it is also not recommended. With this type of intercourse, pressure is applied to the vagina. In addition, internal damage to the mucosa and integrity of the rectum cannot be ruled out. Another reason for the danger of anal sex is related to the fact that during childbirth the entire perineal area, including the rectum, lends itself to stretching and other changes, which is dangerous for the woman.

If you are interested, you can have anal sex after childbirth, then know that experts recommend doing this no earlier than after 1.5 months, and then in the absence of complications, signs of hemorrhoids and various inflammations. To exclude any negative consequences of contact, it is better to go for an examination to the doctor first. Anal sex after pregnancy is strictly prohibited when there are contraindications, pain is felt, and if the woman has not practiced such contact before.

is it possible to have anal sex after childbirth

Sex after childbirth with breaks

This situation is already more complicated, because the body needs to be restored. It is difficult to imagine what complications will be if the sutures do not have time to grow together normally and during sex they will disperse. In addition, there is a risk that blood could accumulate in the wound area, which caused a hematoma that brings pain. Obstetricians recommend that women who have experienced difficult childbirth undergo an ultrasound scan and an examination with a doctor before resuming their sexual life. If sex after childbirth with stitches causes pain or blood appears after it, then a consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Sex after caesarean delivery

In fact, the duration of abstinence during caesarean section does not differ from the situation during normal childbirth, and this period is 4-6 weeks. This time is enough for the scars on the uterus to heal. At the same time, it is worth noting that sex after a second pregnancy or a first one that ended in a caesarean with complications, then permission must be given by doctors after an ultrasound scan, which will show the condition of the sutures and uterus. According to reviews, since the genitals were not changed during cesarean, it is easier to have sex.

Sex after a frozen pregnancy

In the case of such a terrible situation, curettage is carried out, which has serious consequences for the body. The terms of abstinence are announced by the doctor on an individual basis, taking into account the characteristics of the female body. The minimum period is two weeks. Neglect of the doctor’s recommendations can cause complications, for example, the risk of contracting infectious diseases or bleeding is high. Sex positions after a pregnancy that was frozen are the same as in the case of a postpartum situation.

Sex after medical abortion

This type of abortion involves taking hormonal drugs that cause a miscarriage. This causes a serious blow to the hormonal background and immunity. Sex after an ectopic pregnancy and after a medical abortion must be allowed by a doctor, but in most cases, the ban on intimacy lasts at least a month. The main reasons for abstinence are: discharge, risk of infection and bleeding. In addition, the first ten days after the pharmacist, doctors do not recommend oral sex.

sex after medical abortion

It is worth noting that medical abortion has a strong effect on the hormonal system, which negatively affects the sensations during intimacy. As a result, a woman may feel pain, discomfort in the vagina, and in some women, sensitivity decreases and there is no libido. In the latter case, yoga, aromatherapy, herbs and proper nutrition can help.