sexual addiction

Who will argue with the fact that love is beautiful? The trouble is that sometimes this wonderful feeling is confused with addiction – material, emotional or sexual. This condition causes severe suffering and is a disorder that needs to be cured.

Sexual dependence on a partner

It often happens that relationships have ceased to bring or initially did not bring any joy, but there is no power to stop them. In this case, there is a painful dependence on a partner, which is often very difficult to overcome on your own. Most often, addiction, including sexual addiction, occurs in women, men depend on their partner much less often. The point here is less emotionality, the lesser ability of men to urgently need some kind of person, which occurs due to the early (at about 3 years old) rupture of the emotional connection with the mother. Having such an experience, and then also being brought up with the fear of growing up as a “sissy”, men have some insurance against falling into such painful relationships.

For women, this gap does not occur, many remain emotionally close to their mother, having already formed their own family. Therefore, sexual dependence on a man arises easily, most often it happens when a clear image of an ideal man was formed from an early age, and when such an ideal suddenly occurs in real life, one can already state the beginning of the formation of a painful attachment. It is interesting that the moment of “just hitting” can only be recorded by the subconscious, while in her thoughts a woman is clearly aware that there is no future with this man, but she cannot break off these relations.

It is also terrible that when the “looping” on some object of passion has occurred, a woman loses the opportunity to objectively look at the situation, she tends to justify and forgive all the shortcomings and miscalculations of her lover, even betrayal. Gradually, the ability for a sober assessment is completely lost and the woman, who previously marked the existing relationship with the status “for sex”, begins to plan some kind of future, to imagine that all failures are temporary, and then great happiness will surely await. But misfortunes do not want to end in any way, relationships bring only pain, disappointment and all-consuming fatigue, from which there is no strength for work, or for oneself. It is clear that such relationships are painful, and sexual dependence on a partner requires treatment. It is bad that in a long-term condition of this kind it is extremely difficult to get out of it, often only a specialist can help, who will reveal all the reasons leading to a deplorable situation and suggest ways to move forward to change it.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Painful attachment is often complicated by additional factors that are also very difficult to define and admit to yourself what it is. Especially often, girls are afraid to break off relationships just because they consider themselves unattractive to other men. It is curious that the opinion about one’s uselessness is not pronounced aloud, but for some reason new clothes are no longer purchased, makeup and a beautiful hairstyle are considered unnecessary, and meetings with friends generally happen once a year. Only active actions will help here, namely, call friends and preen, go to a meeting. Let it not change everything at once, but the first step will be taken.

Try to visualize your release from annoying fetters. You can do this mentally by imagining some abstract figure that is responsible for your troubles, and slowly breaking off pieces from it, destroy it. Do not forget to tell everything that hurts. You can sculpt a figure and plasticine or draw it on paper,sexual dependence on a partner also saying what you feel. After that, the figure must be broken, and the drawing must be broken.

If you realize that you cannot cope with the situation on your own, go to a psychotherapist. Because the reasons that encourage such behavior may lie in early childhood. And most often a person, finding himself in difficult conditions, simply cannot look at it from a different angle, a psychotherapist will help to do this.

One of the ways to get rid of addiction is group therapy. Therefore, do not hesitate to unite with friends in misfortune, communicate with them on the forums, this will also help to look at the situation differently.