How to live in harmony, peace and harmony not for a couple of years, but much more? People who have lived together for 10 years or more share their experiences.

  1. “Always discuss what is happening, especially if you have different opinions. There is nothing more important than sitting opposite each other and clarifying the situation until it becomes crystal clear to both of you. If you can’t immediately solve the problem, pause, but don’t leave anything unsaid” – 35 years together.
  2. “What’s important to your partner should also be your priority. Support his goals and aspirations, and let him support you” – 11 years together.
  3. “Men, you are not “nannies” in relation to your children. Once you have them, then take care and spend time with them, ”- 15 years together.
  4. “We are best friends. Together we do what is interesting, discuss what is happening, tell each other the biggest secrets. It is very important to feel that your back is always covered,” 10 years together.
  5. “Never think about the letter “r” (divorce), even secretly or in a dream! – 16 years together.
  6. “Do not silently pretend that you are grateful to your partner, say it in words. Then every day will be joyful,” 20 years together.
  7. “There is nothing reprehensible in turning to a family counselor. Even if you are not on the verge yet, but you are experiencing some problems, a good psychologist will help” – 15 years together.
  8. “Our secret is separate bedrooms. We work together, so we go to the office and back together. We also have a common business. In general, we spend a lot of time with each other, and the night is a time to be alone. I don’t want to listen his snoring, he is mine. We get up at different times and don’t wake each other up. But, of course, sometimes we sleep together,” 14 years together.
  9. “It is important to have common goals and plans for how to achieve them,” 23 years together.
  10. “Everyone can be right, even if it seems to you that this is not so. Tell your partner more often that he is right, and do not laugh, otherwise it does not count!” – 19 years together.
  11. “Don’t agree to do what you don’t like if only your partner likes it. Sometimes you can give in, but if you do it all the time, you can lose yourself. If you have different hobbies, do them separately,” 16 years together.
  12. “Respect each other. It’s that simple!” – 25 years together.
  13. “We usually go to bed at the same time to cuddle, talk about the past day and enjoy life” – 14 years together.
  14. “Don’t worry about what you can’t influence. Don’t try to change your partner, ask yourself what you yourself can do about what you don’t like. And never talk badly about him to friends or relatives,” 12 years together.
  15. “Try to make your partner happy: listen to him, discuss things, renew pleasant memories. As Rilke said, “for those who love, a miracle happens every time: the more they give, the more they receive in return,” 28 years together.
  16. “We never say to each other: “Well, I told you.” It’s sometimes difficult to restrain yourself, but it’s necessary, ”- 22 years together.


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