romantic sex

In many respects, it is romance that is missing – and, moreover, it does not matter how long the couple has known each other. Routine in bed can come in six months or ten years, and in order to prevent it, it is important at least sometimes to turn bed games into gentle, romantic sex. Its charm is that usually only one such night per month is enough to maintain close relationships at the proper level.

How to prepare for romantic sex?

It is worth recognizing that romantic, passionate sex cannot exist outside of a certain situation, on its own. In order for everything to go as planned, it is important to prepare a romantic atmosphere – it is she who will create the right mood and spend the night in a new way, and not as usual.

For example, it could be sex after a romantic dinner, a gentle relaxing massage, a shared bath, or an evening at a restaurant. The main thing is to show imagination so that the evening turns out to be truly unforgettable.

Most romantic sex

If you live together, you somehow become bored with each other, so the most romantic sex can only happen after a short separation, when feelings are fueled by boredom. The most important thing in this case is to set up a partner in advance, for example, promising a small romantic surprise upon returning.

As a surprise, you can arrange a candlelit dinner, accompanied by romantic music, fumigating the room with incense sticks. All this will create a completely new atmosphere, and a bottle of good wine will help you relax and move on to the main part of the event. It is best to tell your partner right away that you want to enjoy the love game and take your time. This will help you better understand each other’s intentions and avoid misunderstandings.

Romantic candlelight sex

It is generally accepted that candles are a rather hackneyed idea of ​​\u200b\u200bromance. But unless your particular couple sits by candlelight every night, it will be quite an exciting and unusual feeling for you, at least for the first few times.

In order to organize a romantic candlelit night, it is better to prepare in advance and buy some stable candles. Place them in different parts of the room, make sure that the light from them is not too little or too much. Avoid placing candles in places where there is a risk of accidentally hitting them and dropping them. If there are animals in the house, do not let them into this room so that they do not risk injury!

Of course, mood candles alone won’t do it. Therefore, it is worth taking care of suitable music, and you can also smell – for example, use an aromatic lamp or sticks.

Features of a romantic dinner

If you want to get a passionate, tender night after a romantic dinner, pay attention to the menu. If you include aphrodisiac foods in it (they contain natural substances that incite passion), you and your partner will be much more attracted to each other.

What foods are aphrodisiacs:

  • seafood – mussels, shrimp, etc. (but not crab sticks);
  • avocado;
  • garlic, ginger and all spices;
  • almond, walnut;
  • gentle romantic sex

  • olive oil (only natural, marked “Extra virgin”);
  • bitter chocolate;
  • Strawberry;
  • dry wine;
  • cream.

From these products you can make a full dinner with dessert, and it will not just be food, but an additional way to rekindle passion and share it with a partner. By the way, all these products affect both men and women.

Using all these little things, it’s easy to create the perfect setting for romantic sex, which will allow you to bring a new wave of tenderness into your relationship.