role play in bed

Nobody argues with the fact that sex should be varied. But when a couple has tried all kinds, available poses and places, often there is longing in a relationship, sex from a joyful event turns into a routine and another household chore. To diversify sex with your beloved man, role-playing games in bed will help. Their scenarios are different and limited only by your desires and imagination.

Role play scenarios in bed

What your man likes, your intuition should tell you. And we will talk about the most popular scenarios of such games:

  1. The most popular role-playing game in bed is the slave-mistress situation. The leading role here is played by a woman, the man has no choice but to fulfill all the desires of his mistress. For role-playing games of this direction, erotic costumes are quite easy to find – a wide range is presented in every intimate store. These are various latex costumes, whips, masks, handcuffs and more.
  2. The role of a slave, a concubine can also be played by a partner. The same handcuffs are used, you can find a ladies’ version with fur, with the help of which the slave is chained to the bed. Here the owner is a man, the woman resists only at the beginning, and then obediently fulfills all the requirements of her “master”.
  3. The game “in the hospital” is popular not only among children. For adults, such games bring a lot of pleasure. Decide for yourself who will be the main one in the pair, because not only the nurse in a short half-open robe looks sexy, but also the strict doctor.
  4. Why not try acting out a story with the wait staff? Pool cleaners and auto mechanics rarely take root in our latitudes, but a plumber is quite suitable. Choose an appropriate suit for your partner, give him a bag with tools and let him wait for a call. Show the arrived specialist a malfunction in the kitchen or in the bathroom and act according to the situation.
  5. Have you ever wanted to feel like an actress? Yes, not ordinary, but the one that is in the erotic fantasies of many men, the heroine of an adult film? If there is such a desire, then it is worth trying yourself in this field. Moreover, for such role-playing games, erotic costumes will be quite simple – beautiful lingerie can be found in any sex shop.
  6. In some states of America, there is a law that a firefighter has no right to save a woman if she is naked. But we are not in America and we can afford to play saving a beautiful lady from a fire. To make everything real, get a costume for your loved one – a real one from a workwear store or a masquerade one.
  7. role play with a man

  8. The image of an obedient pupil or student is very popular. Let your partner see you as an innocent girl with ponytails, in a short skirt and golfs.
  9. Men’s fantasies apply not only to schoolgirls, but also to teachers. Wouldn’t you like to be a school teacher for him, in a formal suit, glasses and a pointer? You can scold him for bad behavior and offer to atone for your guilt. Or he can let his teacher know how desirable she is and immediately fulfill his desires.
  10. The widespread passion for the East has made the image of a geisha very popular. Have you ever wanted to try yourself in this role? Put on a thin silk robe over your naked body, line your eyes thickly, and collect your hair in a bun. Order sushi and sake or have a tea ceremony. Then give him an erotic massage, from kissing go to blowjob. In general, please your man like a real geisha never dreamed of.