Rita Dakota appealed to fans with a request to reconsider their attitude to sex, especially with regard to self-education in this area. The singer was prompted to talk about sex training, toys for intimate pleasure and the like by her friend, who published a post on the topic of sex in the microblog.

“She considers working on this area of ​​her life as imperative as working on others. I commented approvingly, because I agree 100, – says Rita. – In the comments, such a holivar began that she eventually deleted the post. It really blew me away. Why? What can be “shameful” in sex training in 2019? The first thing the doctors advised me at the maternity hospital the day after Mia’s birth was to go to wumfit (Development of intimate muscles – Ed.) And I went. And I took my friends with me. Do you remember our Ubud Baba trainings in Bali in the vlog? Here, they are the best. Who is fond of astrology, if you are also an “octogenarian”, like me, then without developing your sexual side of life, without pumping the house of sex energetically, without studying tantra and not being able to give and take energy in this way – you can even start to get sick, I now Seriously. Yes, I have a whole shelf with sex toys, yes, I study tantra and Taoist female practices, and yes, I train “those” muscles as well. Every day”.

According to Rita, she wanted to convey to women that sexual training and other methods of “pumping yourself in sex” are not at all embarrassing. Just like going to a psychologist if you have problems or taking a nanny if a young mother is unable to cope on her own. “It is a shame to sit in your complexes and problems, and do nothing with them, betraying yourself, because you are afraid of “what will people say?”. Secretly, people don’t care. And on you, and on your health, and on your energy level, and on the ability to enjoy life 100%, ”Dakota sums up.