1. How much does it cost and how was it?

“It was not in the USA, the approximate cost was about $100 at the exchange rate. I felt embarrassed because I had never had to pay for sex before. She saw that I was nervous, but she herself was a little worried: she was afraid that suddenly I would turn out to be the angry wife of one of her clients. She admitted that men usually call her, she had to participate in threesome sex, but the order from a woman came for the first time.


2. Where did you meet and how did you discuss the terms?

“I found her phone number on the website and wrote to the messenger. Then I picked her up in the car and we drove to the hotel.”

3. Did she have photos? Did they match reality?

“Yes, there were pictures of her thighs, breasts and lower face. Everything in life was the same or even better.”

4. What kind of women do you like?

“I do not attach importance to the size of the breasts or appearance, it is only important whether I like it or not. Softness, feminine aura – that’s what attracts me.

5. Have you dated someone seriously?

“Not. With the first partner, we are now friends.

6. Why did you decide to call an escort girl?

“I live in a small town where everyone knows each other, and there are few representatives of sexual minorities here. Also, I don’t flaunt my sexuality. I wrote to several call girls, but no one else answered if they could provide services to a woman.


7. Why not dating sites?

“I thought about it, but there are really few options in the region. I would not want my friends to see my profile on the site. Since I’m keeping it a secret, why expose yourself?”

8. Did you kiss?

“I heard they don’t kiss clients. So I asked her if she could. She replied that she usually doesn’t allow men, but I can.”

9. How about an orgasm?

“Everything was!”

10. And what did she do for this?

“We were fingering, she moaned and kissed me, I could not resist. She smiled and said everything was great.”

11. Will you meet her again?

“I think no. I want to try with others.”