Every normal woman dreams of a man caring for her all her life, so that she always remains desirable, always occupies his thoughts, so that he always strives to be there. And what you need to do?

According to psychologist Yuri Vagin, author of the book “Doctor, is this sex, friendship or love?”, For this you need your man to never be sure that you completely belong to him and that you love him.

Belong to him, love him, idolize him, but never (not even in a dream, not even at the height of a multiple orgasm) admit it to him. Why does a man court a woman at the beginning of a relationship? Why does he give flowers, dedicate poems, take care and try to anticipate any desire?

Because he knows that he is not the only man in the life of his chosen one; because if a woman is more than three years old and everything is in order with her mind, she already has someone. Someone who carries a bucket in the sandbox, gives a candy wrapper from the eaten candy and does not sleep during the day on the next bed in kindergarten.

Of course, he is not as good as you, but that is exactly what needs to be proven. And every man proves it to the best of his strength and abilities. And I’m ready to prove it all my life, if not for this terrible: “I love you.” It’s like paying salaries to employees before the work is completed, how to put a student in the record book five before he finished answering, it’s like … there are simply no words.

As Aristotle said, “Love is a theorem that needs to be proven every day.” And even if you have long understood everything in the theorem of your relationship, if your mutual love has long been an axiom for you, even in this case, please never admit it. Love is that rare situation in which the lack of evidence is both appropriate and desirable.