Although delayed ejaculation is not common, the issue cannot be removed from the agenda. According to sexologists, this has a bad effect on His potency and the intimate life of the couple as a whole. Misfires are very painfully perceived by the representatives of the stronger sex, so you simply have to tactfully help your boyfriend. First you need to find out why a man does not finish for a long time, and then get out of a seemingly stalemate together. Usually the causes of unfinished intercourse are not so tragic and everything can be corrected. The main thing is not to gloss over the problem.


Why can’t a man cum

When sex ends too soon, it’s easier to justify it. The partner can be overexcited, abstained for a long time, and so on. But if there is an excessively prolonged act between you, it starts to scare. The woman begins to fantasize that she is not wanted, and the man worries that anorgasmia has overtaken him in the prime of his life. So why was the man unable to finish, although he had a great desire and tried?

Man cums only after masturbation

It happens that a man easily reaches orgasm through self-satisfaction, and with a woman he experiences some difficulties. This often happens to those guys who have abstained from sex for a long time for various reasons. Whether it is a woman’s pregnancy, the absence of a sexual partner, or the beginning of a romantic relationship when sex has not yet reached.

And here you can’t complain about his partner – she, most likely, is all right with sexuality and arousal. Both of you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable under these circumstances.

The problem lies a little deeper: a man is used to doing everything in just a few minutes and has adapted to satisfy himself on his own. He knows exactly what speed of movement he needs and how much he needs to squeeze the penis.

And another reason why a man cannot finish, for example, for the second time, is even ridiculous. A hypersexual guy may masturbate several times a day. Therefore, it is difficult for him to finish each subsequent time in a day.



He watches too many porn movies

The reasons why a man does not finish for a long time may lie in his addiction to adult videos. This goes hand in hand with the masturbation issue we just talked about. But this time we are talking about mental conditioning, not physical conditioning.

It’s not even about porn actresses setting unrealistic expectations about what a woman’s body should look like. And that a thousand and one nights spent in the company of porn films with extreme sex can negatively affect the male sexual response.

As a result, the man does not understand why sometimes he does not finish, and does not want to admit to being pathologically dependent on such a movie. Tons of porn can have a “painkiller” effect if scenes are shown that are difficult to bring to life. It simply becomes difficult for a man to experience an orgasm with a low level of stimulation, that is, during the most ordinary human sex.

It’s important to note that most people watch porn without any negative side effects. Therefore, it cannot be said unequivocally that porn is bad. No, it’s absolutely normal! But, if your boyfriend is really experiencing problems with ejaculation after watching such films, you should talk to him about it.


A man takes drugs that affect orgasm

Why, having sex, a man does not finish for a long time? Maybe it’s the medication. The list of orgasm stop factors includes antidepressants, antipsychotics, high blood pressure medications, narcotics, and some diuretics. The use of such drugs can have negative side effects on intimate life.

If so, then you should talk to your doctor about it. He will prescribe an alternative to these drugs with fewer side effects. Then the sex life will go back to normal.

A man drank a lot before sex

There is another significant reason why a man does not finish during sex. It’s no secret that alcohol affects any person’s ability to orgasm. That is, a member will get up, he will even do his brave work. But he will be left with nothing.



An increased dose of alcohol drunk before sex will insidiously take the royal chair until the hero-lover sobers up. Alcoholic drinks dilate blood vessels and block nerve receptors. Because of this, tactile sensations are greatly dulled. Now you know why a drunk man can’t cum, but it’s good that this is a temporary embarrassment.

So a glass of wine to cheer up and emancipate is always welcome, and you shouldn’t go any further if you have sex in your plans.

He has an infection or other illness

Trouble, why intercourse lasts forever, and the man does not finish, may be a symptom of a prostate or urinary tract infection. Although, probably, the inability to achieve orgasm in such cases is not the only symptom.

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Men who have nerve damage, neurological disorders, heart disease, or hormonal imbalances (such as hypothyroidism or low testosterone) may also have difficulty having sex. If you suspect that this is the reason, you should consult a doctor and find out together with him why a man ends in sex for a long time or ejaculation does not occur at all. The specialist will be able to answer all your questions and, if necessary, conduct an examination.


The man is unsure of himself

One of the most common reasons why a man does not finish during sex, especially at the beginning of sexual activity. It can be anxiety, self-doubt, lack of trust in a partner, or fear of doing something wrong (cum too fast or cum inside a woman).

In particular, among the aspects why a man does not want to finish, there is an excessive desire to satisfy the girl. He tries too hard, endures for a long time and does not finish on purpose so that his partner has time to reach an orgasm. And the whole process fails.

In this case, the only solution is time and understanding of the situation, why the man does not reach orgasm. You need to wait a bit for a man to get to know a woman more, to understand what she enjoys and what is required of him in order to become the best in her life.



A man does not cum during intercourse: what to do

If you have dealt with feelings a la “why a man doesn’t finish with me”, it’s time to find out ways to solve the problem. Fortunately, in most cases, recommendations for restoring sexual function work, once you start following the plan.

By the way, there is an absolute and temporary form of violations, why a man does not finish after sex. In the first case, ejaculation does not occur at all. And in the second, the guy’s erection, as a rule, is stable, but from time to time there is a problem with discharge.

We note right away that no matter how modest or closed your partner is, you will have to talk and discuss the issue. If you are close and you show great patience, everything will work out. Let’s take a look at how to act in each individual case.


Try to find out what sensations a guy experiences during masturbation and what kind of mechanical effect it has on the penis. Let your hand be next to his hand, repeat his movements and learn. This is a moment of physical comfort to help him reach the final.

At first, he will associate pleasant sensations familiar with masturbation with you, and then he will be able to enter into such a state during normal sexual intercourse. You can also ask him to give up self-gratification for a while, and he will see the difference.

Similar solutions can be useful to you in the question of why a man does not cum from a blowjob.

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Of course, we do not take into account the situation when he deliberately delays the process in order to prolong the pleasure. But there are times when your movements are wrong, feel free to ask him to prompt and guide you.


  • Watch a porn movie together. Perhaps the excitement will overtake both of you, and this will be a step towards something new. But don’t make the movie show the norm. Whatever sexual fantasies a man has, you must be present in them. Try to surprise him more often with beautiful lingerie, sexual games, sudden outbursts of passion, so that he rarely remembers adult videos.
  • Why a man does not experience an orgasm due to taking a number of medications is relatively clear. It’s definitely not his fault, so going to the doctor and prescribing other drugs should speed up the onset of sexual understanding.
  • The fact that your partner decided to give you a stormy night and got drunk for courage is, of course, commendable. I did not calculate the strength, it happens. We have already noted that a glass of wine or other weak drink is enough to reduce the degree of tightness in bed. Otherwise, it is unlikely that both will be able to experience pleasure.
  • An examination of the body will help to exclude or identify a health problem that prevents a man from cumming during sex. Do not resort to stimulant pills or self-medicate. Only to the doctor!
  • Self-doubt is a psychogenic factor that can be eliminated by establishing close relationships with a partner. Learn to avoid conflicts and resolve any issues through peaceful negotiations. And do not seek to increase the number of sexual acts. It is better to have sex more slowly and less often, focusing on quality.


Also, among the simple but effective tips, one cannot fail to mention sports, good rest, good nutrition and the rejection of bad habits. Then your sex life with a loved one will sparkle with new colors. And do not be afraid to turn to specialists who can help fix it.