1. It happened in the kitchen

“I met him at a bar where I went with friends. We flirted, and then went to some of the far rooms, which turned out to be a kitchen closed for the night. We spent several hours there and were sure that no one would notice our absence. But when we returned, friends laughed and congratulated us. It was both pleasant and not very pleasant. I never saw him again, but the night was great.” —Maria, 28


2. Said I want him

“Last year I was traveling around Ireland and I went to another cafe. Some guy gave me a cocktail, then another… Anyway, I called him to my hotel room because I wanted to sleep right now. And he said that in the building where the cafe is located, his friends live in the hotel. We went up there, and the next thing I saw – four men left the room without meeting my eyes. The sex was great, but I never saw him again,” Anfisa, 28.

3. I wanted to sleep

“My friend and I met a couple of interesting men. With one we began to exchange glances. Then we went to a bar. Two ladies were sitting there, celebrating 20 years of friendship, and one asked what kind of relationship we have, we fit together so well. And then he interrupted me and began to tell me that he had loved me since childhood, but I didn’t give him a chance. They advised us to urgently take advantage of the situation, otherwise it would be too late.


We sat in the bar for a while, coming up with more and more complicated lies, and finally we ourselves believed in it! Then we went to him, and I fell asleep while he was doing cunnilingus! It was so insulting that in the morning I quietly ran away without leaving him a phone number, and we never met again, ”Vera, 30 years old.

4. Something went wrong

“I was standing on the street, talking with a friend, and then a guy came up. I didn’t want to talk to him, but it turned out that after 10 minutes we were kissing, and then they went to me (I rented an apartment with a friend). We were good together, and then it became awkward. He went to the bathroom, and then mixed up the rooms and naked went into the one where the girlfriend had sex with her boyfriend…


In general, in the morning I woke up, he was gone, but the phone, wallet and things are still in the room! It turned out that he went out drunk no one knows where in one towel. Fortunately, he returned later, silently took his things and left. And only then I realized that he also grabbed a towel, ”- Olga, 23 years old.


5. We did not understand each other

“At the age of 18, I met a foreigner. We somehow communicated with gestures, liked each other and decided to have sex. He was not bad, but because of the language barrier, I could not really show him anything. It was funny, and this story is still my favorite, ”- Svetlana, 25 years old.

6. He liked hard sex

“We met at the sports club and continued the day at his house. It turned out that he loves BDSM and recently bought a couple of new toys. I’m not too fond of such things, but it was good. Nevertheless, we parted ways without leaving each other phones,” Alla, 34 years old.