Slava puts her hot palms on my bare back and slowly runs them up to the very neck. The movements are gentle, but confident. The room smells of coconut oil. I watch for a couple of minutes how a ray of sun crawls across the parquet, but then I close my eyes. A friend strokes my thighs, his fingers slipping lower and lower, and with each “misfire” a desire grows in me. And I also burn with curiosity: “Where is the second one?”

When we agreed on a meeting, Slava hinted that the “session” might take place in four hands. What did I feel? Pleasant excitement. Being in bed with two men at once is my old fantasy. But when the doorbell finally rang, I didn’t look up. I decided to keep the intrigue to the last. “Lena, this is Zhenya,” I heard five minutes later. No response required. And it is so clear that if a woman is already naked, she is pleased to meet you. The “new guy” put a little oil on his palms and started rubbing my shoulders. His hands were a little softer and smaller than Slava’s, but more tender. However, after a minute I stopped comparing. There was no point in this, friends complemented each other. They seemed to agree on everything in advance: my old acquaintance took the initiative, and when I got used to caresses, Zhenya took his place. There was no need for words either. Slava gave a sign, I rolled over on my back and finally made out the second one: a handsome short brunette, not quite my taste, but I couldn’t help but like the rapture with which he caressed me with his tongue.

Soon the massage table became too small for the three of us, and we moved to the bed. The guys shared a pack of condoms in a friendly way. Usually this pause knocks down the mood, but now I didn’t have to be bored: while one was distracted, I enjoyed the company of the other. Zhenya was a great kisser, and I again reached out to him as soon as I saddled Slava. The fingers of both constantly slid over my neck, nipples, back and thighs. It seemed that I was possessed by a many-armed deity, who, moreover, had two members. Why not make me feel them in myself at the same time? The men tried to fulfill my desire, but in a suitable position for this they were so close to each other that they lost their firmness. It was much more pleasant for them to touch the female body, and each of the lovers did everything to bring me to orgasm. It was flattering, but the setting was unusual, and I focused on the pleasure of my partners. They came to the climax at the same time, and Zhenya was completely in my hands.

“I liked that you were with me too,” he said as we sat in the car outside my house. “A lot of girls get lost with two at once.” I kissed Zhenya goodbye, went up to the apartment. I threw myself on the bed and lay for 20 minutes without a single thought in my head – stunned by my own courage and a surge of happiness hormones.