Proper sex

right sex

Intimate relationships, like any area of ​​\u200b\u200bhis personal life, a person must improve. So, in order to discover new sensations, expand sexual horizons, you need to have the right sex. Yes, exactly the right one, and this applies, first of all, to movements in various poses.

How to move in sex?

When you lie down during sex, absolutely relaxed, not bothering yourself with passionate movements of the hips, your body does not receive the slightest bit of satisfaction. By straining every corner of your body, responding to your partner’s movements, you help not only a man, but also yourself, to get the highest pleasure, love ecstasy. Thanks to the correct technique of sex, sexual intercourse will give you more self-confidence, become even more desirable for that one. After all, a man will feel that he is next to a real woman.

Before proceeding to a detailed analysis of intimate movements, it should be remembered that when you prolong coitus, even for the purpose of sexual play, you thereby weaken the male sharpness, thus increasing the tension in his body. Agree, this does not add any pleasure.

Let’s consider in more detail the techniques that allow you to understand how to learn how to have sex correctly:

  1. “Knowledge”. Your partner will be doubly pleased to enter you if you inflate your stomach at this moment. This will narrow the entrance to the vagina, giving both a man and a woman, doubly more pleasant sensations.
  2. “Squeeze”. This technique is especially exciting for both partners. It enhances female pleasure and promotes male penis enlargement. Its meaning lies in the fact that you need to contract the vaginal muscles, grabbing the penis at the very moment when it reaches your depths, starting to move back.
  3. “Hip Squeeze” it helps to learn how to have sex properly if you squeeze your hips, squeezing a little on his genitals, holding back the movements, but make sure that such squeezing does not impede friction in general.
  4. “Running and Sexual Struggle”. In this exercise, you and your partner will need to sweat a lot. It is necessary to raise legs with him one by one. Strive to lift as high as possible, resting them against the wall.
  5. “Swinging” provides that during intercourse, along with the movements of a young man, the girl, like a rocking boat, shakes his buttocks or hips, adhering to the following sequence: right up and left down.
  6. “Rotation”. Turn your legs with the inside of your thighs outward, then return to the starting position, thereby squeezing his penis with the help of turning your hips.
  7. “Ejection”. Your stomach, like a magnet, draws to his stomach, but at the same time, the movement should be accompanied by short blows of the abdominal cavity.
  8. “Swan Grace”. How to have sex, feeling even more attractive? Make this a signature move. Arch up in stages: first lower your chest, then raise your stomach, how to move in sexthen hit your partner lightly with your pubis. Your leg rests on the bed, the second should be raised at a high level up, and then to the side.
  9. “Stomach”. Hold only thanks to your partner’s stomach, lowering and raising it. Help yourself with leg movements.
  10. “Bridge”. Raise your belly as far as you can while lowering your legs and head. Under the buttocks put something folded, you can carpet. Pillows are not suitable for this. Do not raise your legs, but only wide apart. The partner touches only the pubis, and his penis enters you all the way.