How to deal with problems during sex

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

you got a headache

It sounds like a phrase from a joke, but it really hurts. And it all started during sex, and even shortly before orgasm. Or right after. In general, your moans are not at all what the man thought.

Why? The good news is that you can experience orgasms. Not too good – even doctors have not fully figured out why a healthy and positive-minded woman suddenly suffers from a headache. Most often, this is blamed on changes in vascular tone and pressure drops in the process of making love. Also, fear of sex is sometimes the cause (did your boyfriend dress up as Marilyn Manson again?). The pain may begin as a dull and pressing sensation during foreplay and peak during orgasm before disappearing fairly quickly.

What to do? Try to reduce active physical activity, that is, moderate your ardor and take a passive position. You shouldn’t refuse an orgasm (hooray!), but if this happens often, see a doctor.

Everything is too dry

In the most direct physiological sense. What are the problems during sex? Vaginal dryness and lack of natural lubrication (lubrication) can cause pain.

Why? Lubrication is released when aroused, and its lack may indicate that you feel constrained. It can also be, for example, an inappropriate gel for intimate hygiene, hormonal changes, etc.

What to do? Extend the foreplay until the situation returns to normal, or resort to a special lubricant: apply it during sex play or before it. There is no remedy? Saliva will do. It is possible in the format of oral sex, if it does not frighten and does not fetter you even more.

You really want to go to the toilet

In romantic moments, saying this is much more difficult than blurting out “bandgobhi alu sabji” without hesitation. And no one will believe in powdering the nose. But the bladder hints: a little more, and you will literally burst. And not just out of shame.

Why? Perhaps your man has just hit the jackpot, and these sensations are the harbingers of a stormy and incredible orgasm. It is achieved by stimulation of the legendary G-spot and is accompanied by the so-called female ejaculation, squirt – the release of a clear liquid. Unlike “powdering the nose”, it has no smell and is generally a matter of special pride.

If the divine orgasm is far away, but you want to go to the toilet, it may be a pressure on the bladder: in some positions (a man from behind or from above) it is quite strong. Or it is a problem in the urogenital area.

What to do? First, change position. As a preventive measure for this problem during sex, drink less liquid the day before and go to the toilet before starting. And at your leisure, experiment alone. Perhaps strange sensations simply precede orgasm, and you don’t have to worry about the dryness of the sheets. And if something happens, calm the male vigilance with a gentle kiss and words like: “I need to go out, then I’ll explain why. It’s all right, don’t worry.”

Loud obscene sounds are heard

Just like in stupid comedies, only you don’t find it funny. An inappropriate soundtrack can spoil a romantic atmosphere, especially if you and a man have recently been together. The phenomenon itself has a surprisingly beautiful name “vaginal flatulence” and occurs quite often – this is a common problem during sex in girls.

Why? During the movements of the penis, air enters the vagina, and then exits from there and is by no means silent. This is facilitated by frequent changes of postures and energetic movements, and the abundance of lubrication aggravates the sound accompaniment. Did this information make you feel better?

What to do? At leisure, engage in strengthening the muscles of the vagina and do Kegel exercises. If everything has already happened, do not attach the scale of the tragedy to the event. What is more appropriate – “I’m sorry, that’s what women do”, a snort, a joke, or a simple “Oops!” – depends on the nature of your relationship. Yes, if you feel really uncomfortable, forget about the knee-elbow positions for a while.

You can’t be in the mood for sex

Moreover, you have to buy cabinet handles, pay for the Internet, and the boss was completely wrong. In general, thoughts wander far away, and movements become rather mechanical.

Why? During sex, all your feelings are heightened. It’s good if the transmitters are set up correctly and you concentrate on the voice or smell of your man, and not on the quarrel of the neighbors behind the wall or the dripping of water from the tap.

What to do? Understand what distracts you. If the situation, then just close your eyes or turn off the light. If deep thinking – try to focus on tactile sensations or start telling a man about how you love him and what you want now. There is no need to talk about work and curtains. You can honestly admit that you are tired, upset, or unable to switch, and ask to extend the foreplay, get a massage, turn on music or bring a glass of wine. And finally buy cabinet handles at the convenience store!

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