Many girls are afraid to have sex during menstruation because of fear of pain and the possibility of contracting infectious diseases, others, on the contrary, have a stronger desire and believe that it is impossible to get pregnant during this period, they prefer not to stop their sexual activity during this period. Let’s see which of them is closer to the truth and why.

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Valeria Aginskaya

sexologist, program director of the Secrets Sex Education Center

Of course, during menstruation there is a higher probability of contracting various infectious diseases, since the blood is an excellent environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria, and there is also a risk of inflammation of the internal mucous membrane of the uterus, since during menstruation the cervix is ​​​​open, and there will be no bacteria labor to get from the vagina to the uterus. Therefore, if during this period you want to indulge in love pleasures, in no case should you forget about the use of contraceptives.



There is an opinion that during menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant, but this is a delusion. The most favorable period for conception is ovulation. Usually ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, but in some women it can move 6-8 days. Sometimes there are two ovulations in one cycle. Therefore, do not forget that spermatozoa in the female body can retain their viability for five days, and, as we wrote earlier, condoms should not be neglected.

On the other hand, during the period of menstruation, the hormonal background is significantly increased, which leads not only to an increase in desire, but can also cause stronger sensations from sex. Therefore, it is easier for many girls to experience an orgasm during menstruation than at other times of the cycle. In addition, if during normal times you have problems with the amount of lubrication, you can forget about them during this period.


As for painful sensations, this is also a delusion. Orgasm causes intense contraction of the uterus, which in turn causes active separation of the endometrium. This process helps to avoid painful sensations during menstruation and generally improves the flow of menstruation.

Hygiene rules

Basic hygiene rules will help you avoid most of the problems associated with sex during menstruation, and because of the increased hormonal background, get a bright orgasm. Here are the rules:

  • Before sexual intercourse, you and your partner should take a shower or bath. Douching is not recommended, because together with the blood you will wash out the beneficial substances from the vagina and worsen the microflora.
  • In the process, quite a lot of blood can stand out, and if you are uncomfortable having sex in the shower, it is recommended to put a towel or sheet on it, which is not a pity.
  • Choose poses without deep penetration – there will be less blood. The missionary position is perfect.
  • If your man complains about the sight of blood, create an intimate setting, turn off the lights and light candles – this will allow you to see each other, but no one will pay attention to the blood.

Sex during menstruation shortens the duration of menstruation. Contractions during orgasm help the body to get rid of secretions more intensively, that is, there will be more of them, but the menstruation will last less. The second advantage of sex during menstruation is the reduction of painful sensations, since natural painkillers are released in the body during lovemaking.