positions for first sex

According to statistics, most girls begin to have sex at the age of 17-19. As they say, there is a first time for everything. But the first sex for women always remains special and unforgettable, in a positive or negative aspect – it depends on the luck and preparation of each. We will consider the most important thing – positions for the first sex. After all, the correct posture can relieve both psychological discomfort, fear, and physical pain when the hymen breaks.

No acrobatics!

You, for sure, have been waiting for this for a long time, and now, “having seized”, you want to get everything at once. It will be a huge mistake to prepare to perform difficult acrobatic positions during the first intercourse, even if you are a gymnast or a dancer. The first time is, in any case, stress and fear, so the best position for the first sex is the most banal, missionary position.

positions for first sex1

It is used by most couples in the world for the first, and not only, time. The advantage of this position is that you have eye contact with your partner – it calms.

The downside is that some girls are overwhelmed by panic fear when a man sits on top of them with a huge, aroused member, which it is not clear how (viewing pornography does not make your ignorance any easier) will “fit” in the vagina. In such cases, you need to muster up the courage and take the pose of a rider.

positions for first sex2

This position for sex for the first time, because girls are more familiar with the depressed state that is subject to a man. But if you’re panicking from below, the cowgirl pose will give you a sense of self-confidence, because you will know – “if something goes wrong, I can always get up.”

This position for the first sex will seem most convenient for girls who have already practiced masturbation before the first sexual intercourse. In addition, to reduce pain, which everyone is afraid of, but which are completely insignificant and sometimes invisible, the “doggie style” posture (knee-elbow) will help

positions for first sex3

and the “spoon” position – when the partner is pressed against you from behind.

positions for first sex4