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lying position, woman on top

Lay your loved one down on the bed and straddle him as you would in the standard Cowgirl position with the woman on top. When his cock is completely in you, slowly stretch your legs and lie on top of him. Take his hands to the sides and lean on them with your hands. For additional support, you can ask your boyfriend to tighten his feet, then you can lean on them with your toes. The main plus of this pose is that you are completely in contact with the bodies, you can constantly kiss and caress each other. By the way, in the “Python” sex position, the clitoris is perfectly stimulated, so there should not be any problems with orgasm either.

On the edge

sitting posture, woman on top

Let him feel like a sheikh, resting on the high pillows of a harem, while you are assigned the role of a skilled concubine – the heroine of the Kama Sutra, who must elevate her master to the pinnacle of bliss. True, perhaps in this sex position, when a woman is on top, you will ascend to her faster than your boyfriend. After all, you can completely control the depth and angle of penetration of his penis, as well as the intensity of clitoral stimulation. Do not forget to hint to your young man so that he will give free rein to his hands! In this position, he can gently stroke your back, spank you, kiss your neck, nibble on your earlobe or caress your breasts! By the way, in this sex position it is very convenient to whisper love confessions or obscene things that excite the imagination in his ear!

Dessert spoon

side position, man on top

The Spoon side sex position is perfect for slow morning sex. Soft, unhurried, not too deep frictions will finally dispel the remnants of sleep, and after a while you will want to move on to more active actions. However, in order to enhance the sensations, it is not at all necessary to change the position, it is enough just to complicate it a little. Raise your top leg as high as you can, tell your partner to move harder, and put his fingers on your clit. Very soon, his cock will reach your G-spot, and sex will end with a dizzying orgasm. By the way, do not forget to stroke his testicles with your free hand during sex!

Fly of butterfly

standing posture

One of the most intricate poses in our “Kama Sutra”. The main thing in this sex position is to find the right place. It can be a high couch, car hood, kitchen table or bar counter. The main thing is that after you lie down on the table, your pelvis is 30 cm higher than your partner’s pelvis. Raise your ass, put your legs on his shoulders and ask him to support your buttocks with his hands. Choose the friction speed that both of you will like. By the way, with your free hand you can stimulate the clitoris.


sitting posture, woman from below

Lean back and grab his ankles with your hands. Ask your man to bend forward and begin to make frictions, sliding up and down. The more your boyfriend bends forward, the easier it will be for you to move, otherwise his cock may slip out of you. In this sex position, his penis will be able to stimulate the hard-to-reach points of your vagina, and in addition, your clitoris will actively rub against the body of your man. In a word, this sex position gives all the pleasures at once!


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