Positions for anal sex

positions for anal sex

The modern world provides all the opportunities for the development of the sexual life of every person. Poses for anal sex can be learned from this article or created by yourself, relying on your own imagination.

Perhaps the best positions for anal sex are those that stimulate, not irritate, the most tender and hidden from all erogenous zones. It is important to note that experienced couples choose positions that promote anal stimulation, which have a lot in common with the usual ones. For beginners and those who aim to diversify their intimate life, sexologists advise the following:

  1. “Puzzle”.
  2. “Right angle”.
  3. “Snake Movement”.
  4. “Extreme position”.
  5. “Jockey”.
  6. “Twister”.

Correct positions for anal sex

Consider in more detail the above poses. Before proceeding with their translation into reality, you should remember the precautions:

  • movements should be slow, smooth, devoid of sharpness;
  • before sexual intercourse, partners must be excited;
  • do not skimp on lubrication;
  • anal penetration should not be deep (otherwise, it is fraught with consequences for the health of the partner);
  • the condom used for anal sex should be changed to a new one in the event of intercourse in the vagina.

The following are the most painless positions for anal sex:

  1. “Puzzle” suitable for both anal stimulation and partner’s clitoris. If the male penis is not enough for pleasure, you can also use a vibrator and other sexual accessories. So, a woman should lie on her side. The man lies facing her back and slowly enters her from behind. Perhaps it should be noted that this position has a negative side: a man is constrained in his movements. He will not be able to make powerful movements that differ in the depth of entry. Another version of this position: a woman sits on top of her partner, thereby setting the pace of movements and the depth of penetration.
  2. puzzle

    puzzle 2

  3. “Right angle” – one of the most comfortable positions for anal sex, but, first of all, for a man. The woman stands leaning forward, as if forming a right angle, and leans on some kind of stable surface (it can be a table, chest of drawers, etc.). The partner holds her by the hips. The advantage of this position: the partner’s anus is stretched, which contributes to the easy penetration of the penis inside.
  4. right angle

  5. “Snake Movement” perfect for a couple in which the man is the owner of a large penis. To perform this pose, the partner should lie on her stomach with her legs apart. For convenience, it is recommended to use a pillow rolled into a roller. The advantage of the position is that if a woman needs preliminary clitoral stimulation, then the “Snake Movement” is just for her.
  6. snake movement

  7. “Extreme position” – a comfortable position for anal sex, which is great for beginners. In this position, a man can, caressing, stimulate female erogenous zones, because the clitoris becomes very accessible in this position. So, the partner takes a position on the edge of the bed, placing some kind of rolled rug or pillow under the buttocks. Legs should be raised. The partner, meanwhile, stands on the floor, penetrates the woman, supporting her legs.
  8. on the edge

  9. “Jockey”. In this position, the woman, lying on her stomach, brings her legs together. A pillow is placed under the hips. The man is located on her hips, while slowly inserting the penis into the anus.
  10. Jockey

  11. “Twister” suggests that the partner gets on all fours, lifting her hips. The man, with his back to her, lowers himself onto her buttocks, lowering his penis down. He introduces it and begins to move, bending and unbending his knees. Thanks to this position, a man can refrain from orgasm for a long time, thereby prolonging both pleasure.
  12. twister