Pose “scissors”

scissors pose

Variety in sex is the basis of a strong intimate relationship with a partner. The desire to show all your skills and abilities on the first contact with a new partner looks rather strange, but for those who have been together for a long time, interesting poses can be used regularly – this will only add passion. We will consider an interesting “scissors” position, which allows you to diversify the classic contact.

Kamasutra – pose “scissors”

The technique in this position is quite simple, it cannot be called acrobatic. This allows it to be used by partners with any level of physical fitness. Consider the implementation in more detail:

  • she lies on her back on a table or other high surface; hips are pushed to the edge, straight legs are raised to an angle of 90 degrees;
  • he stands facing her and holds her legs; before entering, he spreads his legs, and then crosses them, moving; during intercourse, he periodically shifts and pushes them apart.

The pose looks especially attractive if the girl is wearing stockings and high heels: this adds some theatricality to the action. An erotic bodysuit or just beautiful lingerie also looks good on a girl, which will allow you to control the swaying of your chest, making it less distracting (which is especially true for girls with large breasts).

sex scissors position

Pose “scissors” in sex: recommendations and additions

This position is very unusual and creates new impressions, because with the legs brought together and divorced, the woman’s bosom changes somewhat: with the legs apart, deep penetration is achieved, and with the crossed legs, the tightest fit. In both cases, the impressions are enchanting, and the table instead of the usual bed will only add passion.

Men love this position for its good view, and when the partner is wearing sexy lingerie, this position becomes even more attractive. In addition, the girl can reach out with her handskamasutra pose scissors up to his hips and influence the pace. To make it more convenient, you need to bend in the back, and rely only on the shoulder blades and buttocks.

To prevent the man from being inconvenienced by the edge of the table on which the girl lies, it is recommended to use a towel. This will greatly soften the touch and make the contact even more pleasant and desirable.

A girl can slightly change her position in the process if she lifts her shoulder blades off the table and leans on her palms and elbows. This will open up a new view for the man and cause even more excitement. In addition, this way he can touch her breasts, which is always attractive to men.