Pose “Man from behind”

pose man behind

The book of love “Kama Sutra” introduces its reader to a variety of sexual positions that can bring every lover a lot of pleasure and vivid orgasms. One of these is the “Man from behind” pose, which, by the way, includes several more positions that cannot be left unsaid.

Why do men love the rear position?

What can we say, but many men are already excited at the mere thought that they can spank their partner’s buttocks, pull her hair, feel like a leader, a winner in bed, looking at how his beloved, standing on all fours, obeys him.

Not only that, some guys are crazy about this position simply because they can come from a “half turn”. But this position is also preferred by young men who, for one reason or another, do not want to look into the eyes of a girl while making love.

What is the name of the position when the man is behind?

  1. "Turtle". The woman kneels, hiding her head between her spread legs, not forgetting to lift her buttocks for her partner. The man wraps his legs around his partner's thighs, enters her, holding his beloved by the "fifth point". In this position, none of the partners need to overwork each other with caresses.
  2. pose man back 1

  3. "Frog in motion". In this position, the man sets the pace and depth of entry. He takes the same position as in the previous paragraph, and the girl, in turn, squats, spreading her legs shoulder-width apart. In order not to fall and maintain balance, she needs to lean on the floor with them. By the way, this is the minus of the pose - it is extremely unstable.
  4. pose man back 2

  5. "Doggy Style". Both partners are in a standing position, while the man is also located behind the woman. She leans on a chair or any surface, legs apart. The partner not only controls the frictions, but can caress the partner's clitoris, buttocks, and nipples with his hands.
  6. pose man back 3

  7. "Twister". Now we are not talking about a well-known game, but a pose in which both the man who is behind and the woman experience a divine orgasm. The partner raises her hips up, and the partner crouches over her, inserting the penis into her. He makes movements by bending and unbending his knees.

pose man back 4