Pose “Italian candelabra”

posture italian chandelier

For sexual relationships to be enjoyable for many years, variety is of great importance. You can experiment with a place for intimacy, or you can just change the position.

Pose “Italian candelabra” in sex

This pose is included in the category of difficult ones and it will not be easy for beginners to cope with it, since appropriate physical preparation is needed. Experiments have shown that having sex in this position helps you lose a lot of calories. It should be noted right away that sex in this position is quite traumatic, and for both partners. In a woman, the back and arms can suffer, and in a man, the penis.

Variants of the pose “Italian Candelabra”:

  1. The woman should sit with her back to her partner and stand on the “bridge”. When the position is fixed, the man must penetrate the partner and begin the process itself. Balance must be kept by both partners.
  2. This version of the Candelabra pose is more difficult for men and it requires quite serious physical preparation. The man should stand on the floor with his legs wide apart. The partner takes the woman in his arms and sits her on his hips, penetrating her. Then the woman should throw her legs on the man’s shoulders and after that the process itself begins. If a man cannot withstand such a load, then the couple may fall, which will cause various injuries.

You can simplify the task a little, for example, using belts or a bedspread, which are tied up from above and the woman is located on them. In the sex shop you can buy a special swing for sex. Be sure to insure yourself and place something soft underneath, such as a mattress or pillows. It is recommended to use a lubricant that will provide easier penetration. Be sure to have sex in this position with at least one light source, let it be, for example, candles.